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Project Description

Client: avigail fohrman toronto Location: toronto Surface Area: 3km

Ontario Door Repair custom design and manufacture hinged metal clad Fire rated doors and frames to customer specification and to meet the Canadian Standard. The door units are supplied complete with the door leaf mounted into the frame and with all fire rated hardware fitted. The doors can be rated to 1, 2 or 4 hour fire rating. The doors can be further customized with smoke seals, fire rated windows and a range of fire rated door hardware.

The Challenges

Doors- High Quality Pre-Hung Metal Doors


Doors, Ontario Door Repair is a specialist designer and manufacturer of hinged steel door units. Our door units incorporate pressed steel door frames, steel sheered door leaves and associated door hardware. The use of door units has a wide range of applications including commercial and industrial buildings.

We have products designed to suit a wide range of situations, requirements and uses. Examples include portable building doors, school doors, high security doors, computer room doors, prison cells doors and windows, bullet-resistant doors and windows, acoustic doors, laboratory doors and clean room doors.

Our sales staff can advise on the use of standard Ontario Door Repair products. Alternatively, our engineers provide a full research and development service for special or unusual applications. We are also happy to build products specified or designed by others.