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Door Break-In Repair

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Door Break-In Repair, If your door has been broken into and needs repair in Toronto, there are several steps you can take to secure your home and repair the damage.

Here are some steps you can follow:

Check for any remaining damage or hazards: Make sure the area is safe to enter and assess the extent of the damage. If there is any danger of the door collapsing or any other hazards, you should call a professional to handle the repair.

Secure your home: If the door has been damaged, it is important to secure your home as soon as possible to prevent further damage or burglaries. You can use temporary measures such as boarding up the door or installing a temporary door lock until you can get the door repaired.

Contact a professional: It is best to contact our professional to repair the door as soon as possible. Look for our company that specializes in door repair and has experience with repairing break-ins. we will be able to repair or replace the door and any related hardware, such as the lock or hinges.

Consider additional security measures: After the door has been repaired, you may want to consider adding additional security measures to your home to prevent future break-ins. This could include installing a security system, adding deadbolt locks, or installing security cameras.

It’s important to act quickly to repair the damage and secure your home after a break-in. By following these steps and contacting a professional, you can get your door repaired and your home secured as soon as possible.

A home break-in can leave you a homeowner or a business owner with feelings of violation, insecurity, anger and loss. Ontario Door Repair offers break-in repair services which include the following:

    • Door Repair
    • New Door Installation
    • Reinforcement or replacement of door jam.
    • Replacement of broken locks
    • Upgrading Existing locks to high security locks with high security strike plates.
    • Additional security to patio doors & windows.
    • Latch & Bolt protectors installation (covers the gap between door & frame)
    • Additional deadbolt locks installation.

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Emergency after hours door and window repairs: Hopefully youโ€™ll never need an emergency Door repair, but if you find that a door has been forced, or your window has been smashed, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the security of your home restored until you can sort things properly in the morning.

However, our boarding up service can secure your property again, for a lot less! We provide board up services for Homes and Businesses.

Toronto Door Break-In Repair

Door Break-In Repair

Ontario Door Repairs

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Door installation and repair seems like a pretty simple task, but anybody who has tried DIY door replacement will tell you how complicated it really is.Door Break-In Repair

First, there is no universal door size and style. Also, due to the nature of the soils in the GTA Toronto and Southwestern Ontario in general, house foundations can shift and settle.

When replacing a door into a shifted door frame, there can be lots of sanding and shimming involved to get the perfect fit. This process can take hours of work to make the door fit perfectly.

If you need a door installed or repaired the right way, call Ontario Door Repair.

Whether its an interior door or an entry door, our team provides comprehensive assessments and repairs for your door installation and repair needs, giving you the high quality work that other companies only talk about

Replacing a Door

There are two different ways to replace a door and each method has its own particular challenges:

  1. Replacing the door and frame with a prehend door: With this method, you will take out the actual door panel, as well as the door frame, in order to replace it with a new pre-hung door already in the frame. When removing the door frame, you will likely damage some of the surrounding trim and drywall which will require patching and painting.
  2. Replacing a door panel into the existing frame: With this method, the existing door frame is left in place, and we only replace the actual door panel. This is the most common method of door replacement, but it can be difficult to get the perfect fit as mentioned above.

Fixing a Door

Sometimes we can avoid having to replace the whole door and get by with a simple fix of the existing door.

Common issues that we often repair include:

  • Door not closing properly
  • Door is sticking or not opening easily
  • Bottom of door is chipped or cracked
  • Door handle is broken or not working properly
  • Door handle no longer lines up properly
  • Pet damage to the door

Most of these issues can easily and quickly be fixed or patched, but in some cases we may recommend that you replace the door altogether.