Residential Door Repair

Residential Door Repair

Residential Door Repair, When it comes to residential doors which include residential gates, residential garage gates, and your house doors, extra care should be ensured. You should ensure that all the doors are sturdy and high-quality to avoid being stuck with a residential door that can’t open when you are late for work. With that, you need a certified specialist in residential door repair and installation and Ontario Door repair should be your ultimate choice.

We have several years experience in installing and repairing residential doors in the GTA Ontario. We are also committed to offering excellent workmanship, customer satisfaction, and reliable residential door repair services.

Residential Door Repair

24 Hour Residential Door Repair

Residential Door Repair

Ontario Door Repair specialists in all aspects of door and window installation, maintenance and repair for the residential, retail, industrial and commercial sectors. We work with fire doors, timber doors, glass doors, aluminium doors and revolving doors.

Our experience in this field separates us from other companies and our fitters are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can carry out renovation or repairs to metal doors, windows, window gearing, floor springs, door locks, window locks, handles, hinges and double glazing.

You could save a substantial amount of money by having your damaged doors repaired by an experienced technician rather than replaced. In most cases, total replacement is not necessary and proper repair and re installation is possible.

Call us now and put your mind at rest. We’ll get one of our specialists out to you and help you solve whatever problem you may have.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary call us, we can repair or secure your property immediately.

Being burgled is not a nice experience for anyone, with this in mind we ensure that all of our staff are not only courteous but can help you deal with a burglary.

Our burglary repairs include, new door, new lock, new glass and a complete carpentry service.

As a temporary measure we will board up and make safe at any time of the night.

    • Burglary Repairs/Advice
    • All Doors supplied & fitted
    • UPVC and Aluminium Door Lock Specialists.
    • Repair Frame or New Frame’s
    • Repairs to doors and frames.
    • Wood & UPVC with double glazed glass.
    • Extra locks supplied & installed to enhance security.
    • We never close and our lines are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering Ontario a prompt 30 minute burglary service for your domestic / personal requirements or commercial / business needs in Ontario.

Call us today on 647-951-3510 for an immediate response no matter what time of day, we will be only too happy to take your call.


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