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    We are the Residential Door Repair and door installation in Toronto. Licensed, bonded & insured door experts. Call 647-951-3510

    Residential Door Repair, When it comes to residential doors which include residential gates, residential garage gates, and your house doors, extra care should be ensured.

    You should ensure that all the doors are sturdy and high-quality to avoid being stuck with a residential door that can’t open when you are late for work.

    With that, you need a certified specialist in residential door repair and installation and Ontario Door repair should be your ultimate choice.

    We have several years experience in installing and repairing residential doors in the GTA Ontario. We are also committed to offering excellent workmanship, customer satisfaction, and reliable residential door repair services.


    Ontario Door Repair, Resident need secure doors just as much as their neighbors. If your front Door has been damaged — whether by accident or vandalism — you deserve the peace of mind that you can call us, and we can come to you in no time and get to work.

    Fixing your front door or Back door doesn’t have to be any more stressful than it has to be when you’re working with a trusted family owned company like ours.

    Toronto Residential Door Repair

    Residential Door Repair

    24 Hour Toronto Residential Doors Repair

    Ontario Door Repairs Provide Local Service in Toronto call for fast service  647-951-3510

    Ontario Door Repair specialists in all aspects of door and window installation, maintenance and repair for the residential, retail, industrial and commercial sectors. We work with fire doors, timber doors, glass doors, aluminium doors and revolving doors.

    Our experience in this field separates us from other companies and our fitters are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can carry out renovation or repairs to metal doors, windows, window gearing, floor springs, door locks, window locks, handles, hinges and double glazing.

    You could save a substantial amount of money by having your damaged doors repaired by an experienced technician rather than replaced. In most cases, total replacement is not necessary and proper repair and re installation is possible.

    Call us now and put your mind at rest. We’ll get one of our specialists out to you and help you solve whatever problem you may have.

    If you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary call us, we can repair or secure your property immediately.

    Being burgled is not a nice experience for anyone, with this in mind we ensure that all of our staff are not only courteous but can help you deal with a burglary.

    Our burglary repairs include, new door, new lock, new glass and a complete carpentry service.

    As a temporary measure we will board up and make safe at any time of the night.

      • Burglary Repairs/Advice
      • All Doors supplied & fitted
      • UPVC and Aluminium Door Lock Specialists.
      • Repair Frame or New Frame’s
      • Repairs to doors and frames.
      • Wood & UPVC with double glazed glass.
      • Extra locks supplied & installed to enhance security.
      • We never close and our lines are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year offering Ontario a prompt 30 minute burglary service for your domestic / personal requirements or commercial / business needs in Ontario.

    Call us today on 647-951-3510 for an immediate response no matter what time of day, we will be only too happy to take your call.


    Ontario Door Company in Toronto Ontario is a door repair company that is dedicated to serving people in Toronto. Our team has been working in Toronto more than 22 years, and we’ve helped many clients with our installation and repair services.

    We have a team that has been vetted thoroughly team ensure that all our customers are served by well-trained, professional, and certified specialists. Our team usually arrives at job sites with the right hardware and tools to get the project completed on time and efficiently.  We are committed to providing professional and prompt door installation and repair services, and we will stand behind our results with interior, exterior, wood, security and custom doors.

    Whether you are concerned about security or appearance of your residential or commercial doors, we will advise on the right doors, help you with the installation process, and repair any doors that have flaws. All you need to do is to contact us.


    Our Emergency door repair services ensure that our clients can keep any worry associated with malfunctioned doors at bay.

    Also, apart from the regular provision for booking appointments and general inquiries, we have a customized helpline for any emergency call, and regardless of the time of the day, our esteemed team will arrive at your location to solve any door problem you could be experiencing.

    We can Repair or Install Or Supply or Give Service to any Door Commercial or Residential,


    Such As: Front Doors, Automatic Doors, Closet Doors, Office Doors, Wooden Doors, Double Front Doors, Entry Doors, Storefront Doors, Exterior Doors, Glass Door Repair, Sliding Doors, Fire Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Steel/Metal/Aluminum Doors, Armor Doors, Door Closer, Herculite Doors, High Security Doors, Louvre Doors, Revolving Doors… & Much More. Same Day Response. Quotes 100% Free

    100% Free Quotes · 24/7 Availability · Competitive Pricing Call Now:  647-951-3510

    Unlocking the Secrets to Superior Residential Door Repair with Ontario Doors in Toronto

    The entry door to your home is more than just a gateway; it’s the first line of defense, a symbol of security, and a reflection of your personal style.

    Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on residential doors, making proper repair and maintenance essential. In Toronto, where homeowners value both aesthetics and functionality, Ontario Doors stands out as the go-to expertise in residential door repair, replacement, and installation.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of residential door repair, why it matters, and how Ontario Doors can transform your home’s entryway.

    Understanding the Significance of Residential Door Repair

    1. Security: Your front door is your first line of defense against intruders. A malfunctioning door compromises your home’s security. Timely repairs are crucial to ensure your family’s safety.
    2. Energy Efficiency: Doors that are in disrepair can lead to drafts and heat loss, increasing energy bills. Repairing or replacing your door enhances energy efficiency and reduces costs.
    3. Aesthetics: The front door is a focal point of your home’s exterior. A well-maintained door adds to your property’s curb appeal and makes a positive impression.
    4. Property Value: A beautiful, functional front door enhances your home’s resale value. Neglected doors can have the opposite effect.

    The Expertise of Ontario Doors

    1. Wide Range of Services: Ontario Doors offers a comprehensive range of residential door services, including repair, replacement, and installation. Whether it’s a simple repair, a complete door replacement, or a new installation, they have you covered.
    2. Expert Assessment: Their team of skilled technicians conducts a thorough assessment of your door to identify the underlying issues. This ensures that the root cause of the problem is addressed.
    3. Quality Craftsmanship: Ontario Doors takes pride in its craftsmanship. They use high-quality materials and employ skilled artisans to repair or replace your door. Quality is their hallmark.
    4. Customization: Every homeowner has unique preferences. Ontario Doors offers customization options, allowing you to choose the style, material, finish, and hardware that align with your vision.
    5. Energy Efficiency: Ontario Doors understands the importance of energy-efficient doors. Their solutions are designed to minimize heat loss and drafts, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

    The Repair Process with Ontario Doors

    1. Initial Consultation: It all begins with a consultation. Ontario Doors listens to your concerns, inspects your door, and provides expert recommendations.
    2. Diagnosis: Skilled technicians diagnose the issues, which can range from damaged frames and weatherstripping to faulty locks or hinges.
    3. Repair or Replacement: Based on the assessment, you’ll be presented with options. If repair is feasible, they’ll use their expertise to restore your door to its optimal condition. If replacement is necessary, you can choose from their wide selection of doors.
    4. Installation: Ontario Doors ensures a flawless installation, guaranteeing that your new door fits perfectly, operates smoothly, and provides the utmost security.
    5. Finishing Touches: They pay attention to the details, including finishes, handles, and locks, ensuring that your door not only functions flawlessly but also looks stunning.

    Why Ontario Doors is the Top Choice

    1. Local Expertise: As a Toronto-based company, Ontario Doors understands the unique challenges that residential doors face in the area, including weather fluctuations and security concerns.
    2. Prompt Response: They recognize the urgency of door issues. Ontario Doors responds quickly, ensuring that your home remains secure and efficient.
    3. Enhanced Curb Appeal: Their solutions go beyond functionality. They enhance your home’s curb appeal, making it more inviting and appealing.
    4. Long-Term Investment: Ontario Doors’ repairs and replacements are designed to last. They provide long-term value, reducing the need for frequent door-related expenses.
    5. Customer Satisfaction: Ontario Doors’ commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in their work. They take pride in leaving homeowners with doors that they love and trust.

    Call Our Local Technician in the GTA area

    Your home’s front door is the gateway to comfort, security, and style. With Ontario Doors as your trusted partner in residential door repair, replacement, and installation, you can unlock the full potential of your home’s entryway.

    Their expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction make them the premier choice for homeowners in Toronto seeking superior door solutions. Trust Ontario Doors to transform your entrance and elevate your home’s security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. ? Contact them today at 647-951-3510 to discover how they can enhance your home’s door experience.


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