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    Door Repair

    Your Local Door Repair Specialists – We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Door and Garage Door, Frame Installation and Repair

    Door Repair, A faulty door can not only become an annoyance but could potentially allow unwanted visitors easy access to your home.

    At Ontario Door Repairs & Window, our specialists can handle all your door repair needs and provide you with cost-effective solutions, even on weekends! We have over three decades of experience in the business and aim to offer a range of services that don’t break the bank!

    Doors Supplied and Fitted Toronto?

    Ontario Doors supply and fit many door types. We specialize in fitting both interior and exterior doors in domestic and commercial properties.

    We supply and fit uPVC doors, composite doors, aluminium doors and hardwood timber doors. Ontario Door supply and fit doors to suit many applications including bi-folding doors, sliding doors, french doors, tilt & slide doors, fire check doors and many more. We are your local door installation experts.

    Ontario Door Repairs Stocks Door and Door Protection Products

    • Door Edging  Protective material applied to edge of door
    • Door Protection Plates  Protective material applied to face door
    • Armor Plate  Protects door from carts, gurneys; 36″ ht is typical
    • Kick Plate  Protects lower portion of door. 8″, 10″, 12″ and 16″ heights; 16″ kick plates protect doors from wheelchair damage
    • Mop Plate  Protects against floor and rug cleaning equipment damage; 4″ and 6″ heights standard
    • Door Pull  Device applied to face of door which, when grasped, permits user to pull door open
    • Pull Plate  Protective plate between door pull and face of door
    • Push Plate  Applied to door where user pushes door to open it

    Toronto Broken Door and Frame Replacements

    Door Frame Repair Toronto, While on site we will measure up and take all the required details so if you need your broken door replaced we can provide you with a detailed commitment free quote.

    The quote will be 100% obligation free. You can use it as reference or pass it on to your landlord or home insurance so they consider how to go about providing you with a permanent solution.

    We can install any type of door, frame or lock. We will also advise you on how to best keep your home secured in the future and carry out any installations if you’d like us to. Our qualified and friendly team can address any concern you may have in the most professional manner.

    Forced Entry Door Repair

    For urgent door and frame repairs, call 647-951-3510 If you’ve had a break-in, you will know that there are several things to consider repairing.

    In most cases if a door has been forced open it will split or break, this also includes the frame, the force may even break locks and so on, as door specialists we have the experience to look after all the work at once.

    Before any works can commence, it’s wise to call the police and arrange an inspection as it will be required in most cases by the insurer and to prevent possible accidental loss of any evidence during the repairs. We will then organize the security of your front entrance for the night and begin repairs accordingly.

    Wooden Door Repairs

    wooden door repair, We have carpenters and handymen available throughout Toronto who are ready to help with any type of repair to external or internal wooden doors. They can be scheduled to start fixing your problem straightaway.

    Our expert tradesmen will do everything they can to save you money by repairing a door rather than you having the expense of replacing it. When you book an expert carpenter or handyman you can count on getting the professional expertise you’re looking for.

    Sliding Door Repairs Toronto

    Toronto Sliding glass door Toronto Sliding glass doors offer an attractive alternative to regular hinge doors.

    We can open up any room by letting in the light and creating an illusion of space. However, over time you may begin to notice certain issues.

    For instance, the mechanism may start to jam, you might begin to notice a draft, the rollers could derail, or you may experience problems with alignment.

    Our Technician are equipped to handle all types of sliding door and repairs including sliding glass doors, security and fly-wire doors.

    We can fix problems with rollers, wheels, latches, locks, tracks and handles to make sure they continue to operate at their very best.


    •  Locks Supplied and Fitted. •  Centre Shoot-bolt Locks. •  General Door Maintenance. •  Replacement Guide Hinge. •  Replacement Roller Hinge. •  Door seals and gaskets. •  Replacement Door Handles. •  Replacing Door Locking Bolts. •  Bi-folding Door Realignment. •  Refitting Bi-Folding Doors. •  Bi-Folding Door Configuration. •  Glass Units Replaced.

    Door Fitting Services

    * All door types fitted including hardwood, softwood, oak, part L compliant, fire-rated FD30s, composite and uPVC door fitting service.

    * All lock types fitted including mortice, rim, sash and multi-point locking systems by brands including chubb, yale, union, era and many more.

    * Additional security features supplied and fitted including, security Toronto steel bars and security Ontario steel bars, hinge bolts, handles, escutcheons, knocks, knobs, letterbox, dog and cat flaps.

    * Replacement glass fitted including double glazed units for aluminium, uPVC and wooden frames.

    * Security grilles and gates supplied and fitted including welding repairs to existing broken gates, grilles and fire escape exit doors.

    * Commercial and shop door fitting including repairs to integrated concealed door closer units and floor springs.

    * Interior door fitting and repairs including bi-folding, louvre, stable, cottage and french doors.

    * Exterior door and frame fitting including repairs to uPVC, aluminium and timber door types.

    * Glazier services by our glazier include glazing repairs, glass replacement to doors and patios.

    * Our professional team include installation and repairs to security grilles, security gates, railings and fire escapes.

    * Insurance approved Canadian standard kite marked locks, deadbolts, night latches and fire escape locks.

    UPVC Door Repairs Toronto

    Broken Door Repair Toronto Toronto Door Repair & Locksmiths can repair, install or replace Upvc and composite doors to an unbelievably high standard. Over the various years we have been repairing Upvc door mechanisms, there has never been a door we haven’t been able to open and repair.

    Also when we have been out and assessed a customers door repair problem, we’ve heard of other locksmith and Upvc door companies telling the customer it can’t be repaired.

    And in the process strongly suggesting they would need a new door. But in the majority of cases, we’ve repaired the door at a fraction of the cost of a complete new door installation.

    If you find something is just not working right with your Upvc door lock or mechanism. Maybe your key is not working and the handle is spinning making the multipoint door mechanism becoming jammed shut.

    Don’t despair or panic because we are experts in this field. Please feel free to browse our website at your own leisure to find out more information on how we can provide such excellent door repairs without the need for a costly new Upvc door.

    UPVC Multipoint Mechanisms Repair Toronto

    Excellent customer service at all times is just how we are. We can replace or repair anything on Upvc doors including handles, hinges, locks and the main UPVC multipoint mechanisms.

    Upvc euro door lock replacements are one of our specialties, Picking the correct one on the market is the key to choosing the best one. With our experience of all things Upvc door lock, we can guide you to choose the correct lock in every occasion.

    When i started training on Upvc door all them years ago, it was amazing what i didn’t know. But now its a different story, there has never been a door i haven’t been able to fix and repair. This includes repair to doors other companies have turned down The only time when you will need a new door would be if the main frame is smashed to bits.

    Has your upvc door handle snapped off? Your hinges snapped? Upvc door lock jammed shut and you can’t open it. Don’t worry we can always repair these anywhere but especially in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Hamilton, Burlington.

    Commercial Door Locks And Fittings

    If you are a business owner or have a shop front in Toronto then you may be searching for a door repairs company that deals with commercial door repairs? Pivot Hinges Replacement

    Our Locksmith at Door Repair 24/7 has completed lock changes and door repairs for hundreds of business owners and commercial premises in and around the GTA Toronto area ranging from local shop fronts to busy offices and nightclubs.

    The most vulnerable premises often require specialist locks that provide additional protection against destructive attacks and vandalism and our locksmith keeps a wide range of roller shutter locks and high security aluminium door locks in stock to cater for these customers.

    For clients wishing to use suited locks for multi access levels in large businesses and offices in Toronto, our locksmith can design and re-pin locks to whatever specification is required as well as offering restricted key profiles to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys to company locks.

    Digital push button locks can be installed for those that do not want large numbers of keys to manage and for ease of access in busy office environments.

    Door Locks & uPVC Repairs Toronto

    With plenty years of experience repairing and replacing double glazing and uPVC door lock mechanisms there isn’t much our Toronto Door.

    With repeated misuse and forcing of a door lock the internal mechanisms will eventually break, jamming the multipoint lock system solid and either jam shut or leave it unable to lock correctly.

    You have probably already called a few uPVC door and window firms covering Toronto only to be told that these locks can’t be repaired and then have proceeded to try and sell you a new door or window.

    It’s not true! Our Door Technician can repair or replace 95% of uPVC door locks currently fitted in the GTA Toronto area and can obtain unusual or obsolete models through contacts and trade professionals with new old stock or modern lock replacements.

    If you are having issues with your uPVC or composite door then do not hesitate to give Door Toronto a call on either of the above numbers.

    Ontario Door Repair are covered on a 24 hour basis and in the unlikely event our Technician is not available, he will be able to steer you in the direction of an alternative rated door repair firm that can provide the same excellent service.

    Garage Door Service

    Get Your Door Repaired By The Experts At Ontario Door Repair

    Repair Commercial Door

    Ontario Door Lock & Security specializes in residential and commercial locksmith services in Toronto, Ontario, and nearby suburbs. Our services include door repair, new commercial security door installation, and door hardware installation.

    Experienced and licensed technicians will always be the ones who deliver our door and door frame repair service.

    On top of that, our professional locksmiths have the know-how needed to perform any type of commercial door installation or residential door repair job.

    As one of the Door service providers in the Toronto region, Ontario Door Lock & Security has a reputation for outstanding customer service and fair pricing. You can count on our team of locksmith pros to handle all of your locksmith needs.

    Ontario Door Repair Service Explained

    Ontario Door Repair & Security features affordable door services delivered by our experienced technicians. If your door won’t close properly or your lock is jamming, we can dispatch a professional locksmith to troubleshoot the problem.

    Because of the fact that we a veritable hardware store, we typically have the replacement door hardware parts needed in our vast inventory to address the problem quickly including all types of locks, door closers, mortise locks, exit devices, door hinges, wrap plates, and more.

    We provide professional door services for interior doors, exterior doors, security doors, wooden doors, and more. Our experienced door installation specialists can quickly troubleshoot an issue and then provide you with an upfront quote for its repair.

    Door Repair

    We will help you diagnose the problem with your door, and then fix it like brand new! No matter what type of door, whether it be commercial door Toronto ON or shower glass door Toronto Ontario, our technicians are ready to help you.

    Door Installation

    If you want to install a new door for your house or commercial building, our company can also help you with it. With a variety of doors to choose from, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to pick a door that you would love, and installing it would take no time at all!

    We Offer Door Services for Many Types of Doors

    Unlike other companies, we like to keep a variety on the types of doors that we can handle. This is to make that when it we can repair any type of door to give us, and you can have plenty to choose from for your installations.

    Garage Door Repair Toronto

    Garage Door Repairs we do Include:

    • Garage door won’t open or close garage door spring replace
    • Broken locks or keys 
    • Motor light is flashing but garage door not moving
    • Remote control not working
    • Garage door only opens or closes mid way
    • Lot of noise when garage door opening or closing
    • Tracks are bent
    • Garage Door ballooning out at top when closing
    • Broken springs
    • Broken cables