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Do you have a door in your home that just won’t stay open? Even when your windows are closed, interior doors will sometimes shut on their own. There are several simple, inexpensive ways for homeowners to deal with this annoying issue. Let’s take a look at your options.



The best way to attack a problem in your home is to first try to understand what is creating it. An interior door won’t typically close by itself unless an outside force is placed on it. This force could either be the wind blowing through the home or possibly gravity.


The wind is an obvious one… but what about gravity?

Gravity will work to open or close a door that has been installed in a wall that is not plumb. So, picture a wall that leans toward you at the top. This can happen without you even knowing it when it’s just a little out of plumb.

Now going back to physics or science classes you know that gravity is a vertical force. So, it has no effect on a door that is installed in a perfectly vertical wall. But in the case where the wall is out of plumb, gravity will work to open or close the door as the force works along the travel of the door.



There are a couple options available to keep your doors from closing unexpectedly. The most obvious option is to install a door stop. A wall magnetic mounted door stop can hold the door in place to prevent winds or gravity from moving it. You can also use the old school foot wedge door stop to keep the door in a partially opened condition but these can be ugly and can damage your flooring.


One trick professional builders use is to put a slight bend in the hinge pins of the door.

Using a vice or two sets of pliers, you create a slight bend in the pin portion of the hinge. This will create friction between the hinge and the pin. This friction will work against the gravity force in an out of plumb door to keep it from moving.

Another option that takes a little more time, is to reinstall the door. In doing so, you will make sure the door is plumb, even if the wall is not. This won’t keep the door from closing from breezes coming through open windows, but it should prevent other unplanned movement.


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