Universal Washroom Door Installation

Universal Washroom Door Installation

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Universal Washroom Door Installation, Our friendly team at Ontario Door Repair takes great pride in being one of the Toronto GTA Ontario leading providers of automatic doors and ability auto door solutions for disabled access. We specialize in the design and installation of new automatic door entrances for private clients looking for an easier way to access their home and work, as well as commercial and government organizations looking to automate commercial premises to meet Canadian Standards with ability auto doors.

Need New Automatic Door Operator Push Button Replace for Disabled Door

At Universal Washroom Door Installation Toronto, we understand that every client is an individual with unique disabled access requirements. After many years of speaking with such clients, our team has designed a complete range of Go Disabled Door systems and ability auto doors to meet every need, and we derive a great sense of satisfaction from helping our customers. Please refer to Our Work page to see how we manage the supply, installation and maintenance of your new automatic doors and disabled entrance systems.

Our Toronto Go Disabled Door systems utilize the premium Swiss-made RECORD automatic door operators, and quality Go Disabled Accessory hardware to provide a one-stop-shop for automation of disabled ability access doors.

Same Day Automatic Door Opener Installation or Automatic Door Operator Installation in toronto

Our team of friendly technicians are highly trained and proficient when it comes to installing and programming the automatic door operators, and are also able to complete the following ancillary works:

Universal Washroom Door Installation Toronto

  • Assess homes and workplaces for custom-designed disabled ability auto door solutions
  • Install electric strikes and electromagnetic locks
  • Modify and widen doorways to meet AS1428.1-2001 standards
  • Install new timber doors, aluminium doors and glass doors
  • Fabricate and install structural reinforcing mounting plates
  • Install custom rubber ramp threshold plates
  • Install and programme proximity dongles to automatically open the door
  • Install necessary power points (GPO)

We Supply, Install, Maintain & Repair Universal Washroom Doors to make your building Secure

Our range of assistive technology options

Our range of disabled access options assistive technology ensures that individuals who require assistance, have unhindered independent access to buildings and other entrances. Click on the pdf fact sheets to find out more.

Disabled doors and ability auto door solutions

Our Go Disabled Door system can be used in conjunction with access control systems, actuation push buttons, microwave and infrared devices, and intercom systems. They are ideal for nursing homes, schools, offices, public toilets or residential properties, and can be installed on existing or planned entrances.

Click on the text below to read about our automatic disabled doors and access solutions.

Go Disabled Toilet Door – We are the experts to install all Barrier Free Washroom Toronto

installation Universal Washroom Doors

 As part of the Go Doors range of assistive technology solutions, the Go Disabled Toilet Door provides automated assisted entry into toilets for the physically impaired.

The Go Disabled Toilet Door system utilizes our premium USA-made RECORD automatic door openers, combined with our Go Disabled Toilet Door Button Set installed to the entrance and the inside of the toilet, and can be utilized for both automatic swing and sliding doors configurations.

Hands free wave switches – Universal Handicap Washroom provide an easy operation of washroom door and locks.


    • Button plate sets are designed in accordance with Building Code of Canadian, Access for people with disability, braille and tactile signs, and AS5007-2007 power doors
    • Button plates are constructed of durable commercial aluminum which is chemical, UV and vandal resistant
    • Plates include braille and tactile signage for vision impaired
    • Plates can be recessed or wall mounted


      • External staff emergency override function
      • Duress alarm for patrons in distress
      • The flexible system can be utilized in both automatic swing and sliding entry configurations
      • Simple to use for both UAT, amenities and parent rooms
      • BMS, fire and security interface capability
      • MLAK key option 
      • Push Buttons, Keypads and Security Key Switches
      • Push buttons, keypads and security key switches can be used to open an automatic door for both the entry and exit side of the door. These electronic security devices come in a range of options.
      • Simple push-button in either black, white, green dome and red dome.

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Installation of Universal Washroom in Toronto

Do you need automatic disabled doors and NDIS assistive technology for your property? For more information about the various disabled access control solutions available, or to arrange for a quote, contact us today on  647-951-3510 or send us an email to oblocksmith1@gmail.com.

Universal Washroom Door Installation provide professional installation of Automatic Disabled Toilet Doors in businesses and homes. We can provide consultation and installation across Canada. For a free no obligation quote contact us.

Our disabled toilet doors meet  the AS 5007-2007 and AS 1428.1-2009 standards and are designed to make it easy to enter and exit the bathroom and toilet. Disabled toilet doors can be automated by hands free sensors or by push buttons. Both swing doors and sliding doors can be automated. 

All automatic disabled toilet systems meet Canadian building standards and codes. Our quality Canadian automatic door operators meet stringent Canadian standards for design and accessibility.

disabled toilet door installation toronto

Will Help you regain independence with a new Wheelchair Accessible Shower or Walk-in Bath

Disabled Access disabled toilet door installation

  • Our automatic disabled toilet doors can be installed at the entrance of the disabled toilet with an identified disabled push button door opener to open and close the door via the buttons.
  • They can also be installed with automatic sensors for hands free functionality
  • When installing and designing an automatic disabled toilet door system it is important to ensure accessibility meets Canadian building standards. 
  • Disabled toilet access plans can be purchased online and we discuss minimum requirements for wheelchair door access on our blog page


Safety and privacy are assured with our automatic disabled toilet doors. All operators have a built in anti passback system so the door can only be locked when there is a person in the toilet.

  • To further strengthen the safety features there is an override function on the outside, the open and close buttons have braille underneath for the vision impaired and a voice activated system that can be used to open and close the doors.
  • We also install emergency access buttons inside the bathrooms to provide added safety in the case of an emergency situation. 
  • The disabled toilet door remains open for a pre programmed amount of time to allow enough time to safely enter and exit the bathroom cubicle. 

disabled toilet door repair

We are the Local Experts to Install all Barrier Free Washroom in Toronto and the GTA

Universal Washroom & Automatic Door Openers

Automatic disabled toilet doors are a common feature in shopping centres and commercial buildings. Building a functional system that is easy to use is an important feature and requires expertise in disability access doors. 

Ontario Door Repair are leading providers of Universal Washroom Door Installation and automatic disabled door entry systems. We work with your business to provide advice on meeting regulatory requirements within Canada. We install automatic door openers on swing doors and sliding doors.

As a registered NDIS Provider we can help NDIS clients with any home automation requirements. Contact us today for further information and a free quote. 

Toronto Automatic Door Full-Service

The Toronto Automatic Door full maintenance and repair package is going to increase the life of your sliding doors and performance of your automatic doors. For installation, repair, services and repair. For regular inspections and a prompt repair service in Toronto, Ontario.

1. Repair Full-Service & Maintenance Toronto: maintenance, services, and safety check for quote before replacement.

2. Automatic Doors Full-Service, Repairs & Maintenance Toronto: maintenance, services, and safety checks.

3. Automatic Doors Full-Service, Repairs & Maintenance Toronto: maintenance, services, and safety checks. For emergency door repairs in Toronto.

4. Automatic Doors Full-Service, Repairs & Maintenance Toronto: Repair is available on site and includes replacement parts.

5. Automatic door sensors Not responding. When door systems get faulty it does not respond. Sometime doors are not Opening or closing on its own or fully.

6. If automatic doors are not opening or standing open. It could be faulty and need to repair it.

7. Flashing a code is also a sign of system error and motor or sensor replacement. It gets Difficult to lock when you want to lock it for closing.

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