Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors, emergency exit doors are manufactured to our heavy duty specification and are also available as single or double doors. The emergency exits/ fire exit doors do not include an outside access device as standard; they are “blank” and it is the panic bar which keeps the door locked shut. The access device could be added as an accessory to allow the door to be gained  the external side of the door.

Fire Exit Doors

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We supply the following hardware for your steel fire exit doors:Fire Exit Doors

CE rated one, two or three point locking crash / panic bars for use on the inner door leaf, we can provide a pre installation fitting service for a small additional charge if required. As standard we supply the 2 point locking panic bar as it’s the most secure option available.

Some of the many services we can provide include:

  • General door servicing (come out re tighten everything/ lube up all moving parts + lock and readjust anything needed )
  • Lock replacement
  • Hinge replacements
  • Pivot door adjustments
  • Pivot door closer replacements
  • Pivot door pivot bracket repairs / replacement
  • Door closer adjustments
  • Door closer replacements
  • Aluminium Door resizing (if the door is unable to be adjusted and is scrapping on the frame, a resize can be all that is required instead of a new door set)

Fire Exit Door Repair

Fire Rate Exit Doors provide a fast, reliable repair service to damaged or failed fire doors, frames and compliant fire door hardware.
We strive to make the fire door repair process easy for; Businesses, Residents, Owners, Body Corporate, Real estate’s, Strata’s, Building Managers, Fire Companies, Council and Fire Consultants. We coordinate all parties involved to simplify the repair process and guarantee customer satisfaction, while making it trouble free and easy process for you.

We also provide trade fire door services for fire inspection companies that specialize in electrical, plumbing or other fields looking for a professional trouble free door service to represent and help grow your company. Get it fixed right the first time & save on continued door problems. Discreet fire door services, representing other fire and trade companies, quality controlled with current insurances and WHS safety needs in place.

Residential, Commercial or Government Properties

One door or lots, Fire Rate Exit Door repair fire doors to all residential, commercial or government properties throughout Toronto. Flexible onsite normal business hours and after-hours repair services also available.

Our Repair Services Include:Fire Exit Door Repair

🛠 Failed fire doors from a fire inspection
🛠 Fire safety door upgrades required by council
🛠 Weather damage, brake-in’s or vandalism
🛠 Fire door(s) cannot close/open correctly
🛠 Fire door hardware malfunctions

Type of Doors we Repair:

🛠 Unit entry fire doors
🛠 Fire stair and final exit doors
🛠 Service cupboard fire, smoke and non-combustible doors
🛠 Single and double door (Pairs)
🛠 Frames, locks, closers and accessories

Fire and Smoke Door Repair and Installation

Following the fire door inspection in your facility, you will be provided with a detailed list of deficiencies that will need to be repaired.

Common minor repairs include:

🛠 Gap adjustment Commercial Door Repair Toronto
🛠 Installation of smoke seals
🛠 Hinge replacement
🛠 Silencer replacements
🛠 Strikes for lock-sets and panics

If the fire door cannot be repaired, our expert technicians will assess the door and provide the necessary information for you to make an informed decision about complete fire door replacement or major repair.

Top Fire Door and Smoke Door Deficiencies:

1 Painted or missing fire door labels
2 Poor clearance dimensions around the perimeter of the door in the closed position
3 Kick down door holders
4 Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door (barrel bolts and deadbolts, etc.)
5 Fire doors blocked to stay in the open position
6 Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment, and/or boxes
7 Broken, defective or missing hardware items (latch bolt, and/or strike plate, closer arms, cover plates, etc.)
8 Fire exit hardware installed on doors that are not labeled for use with fire exit hardware
9 Missing or incorrect fasteners
10 Bottom flush bolts that do not project ½” into the strike

Fire Door Commissioning

During the commissioning and retro-commissioning process of fire doors, we will perform our complete detailed fire door inspection.

The fire door certification commissioning report will include:
🛠 Detailed inventory of the location, rating of every fire and smoke door
🛠 Door functional checklist
🛠 Details regarding specifications and how they relate to the frames, doors, hinges/pivots, door bolts, locks, door closers, panic hardware, astragals, and numerous other door and frame components
🛠 Digital pictures of deficiencies discovered during the commissioning process

For fast professional fire exit door services Call Us Now on 647-951-3510 or Email via the Contact Page Door Closer Repair Service

🛠 Our fully trained staff are able to repair and maintain all types of fire exit door saving you money by avoiding costly replacements.
🛠 Regular fire exit door maintenance increases the longevity of parts also saving money.
🛠 Correctly set-up and serviced fire exit doors aid safety and emergency exit as well as adding to a buildings security.
🛠 Method statements and risk assessments provided.
🛠 Service contracts and account facilities available.