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Project Description

Client: paul mccartney Location: Toronto Surface Area: 5km

Door Repair Solutions You Can Count on The doors of your establishment are the gateways to your business. These welcome guests, investors, and potential clients. Having a worn-out or malfunctioning revolving door can give your company a negative outward appearance. Thankfully, The Ontario Door Repair is here to offer the solutions you need.

The Challenges

Door Installation Toronto, Ontario Door Repair takes pride in providing quality, high level of service, achieved by investing in our highly trained staff within all areas of the business. This enables us to have the knowledge and experience to help you.

We don’t just sell products…..our team are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients whether they be from the commercial, residential, industrial or government sectors.

Ontario doors include three ranges – aluminum powder coated doors, Duramax Composite, and solid timber doors.

The aluminum and Duramax fiberglass front doors are perfect for entrances exposed to weather. The solid timber range must be in a entrance situation sheltered from the elements or an interior door.