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    Fire Exit Doors Repair

    Fire Exit Doors Repair, We Supply & Install Fire Exit Doors in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville & all the GTA ON ☎️ 647-951-3510.

    Quality Certified Fire Rated Doors

    Fire Exit Doors repair, In the GTA Ontario where majority of the population stays or works in compact buildings, it is common for fires to start and spread rapidly within a unit and to neighboring units.

    A fire-rated door is being used as a passive fire protection as it curbs the spread of the fire from one room to another.

    Fire-rated doors are made of fire-resistant materials such as glass, solid timber and metal. Installing a fire-rated door can effectively prolong the time it takes for a fire to spread and potentially save lives.

    Ontario Door supplies a full range of fire-rated doors in the GTA Ontario area, they are used in HDB homes to commercial buildings.

    Types of Fire Rated Doors

    There are generally 2 types of fire-rated doors: wooden and metal. Wooden fire-rated doors usually have 30 mins or 1 hour resistance. The types of metal fire-rated doors range from 1 hour to 4 hours.

    Certified Fire Rated Doors

    As manufacturing fire-rated door is a regulated process. Every fire-rated door needs to be certified. Ontario Door Repair is local manufacturer of fire-rated doors and we follow a strict process to produce and certifying fire-rated doors.

    Residential & Commercial Door Frame Repair Services
    Residential & Commercial Door Frame Repair Services & Door Break in Repair Services

    Metal Door and Frame Installation in Ontario

    When you need hollow metal doors for your business in Toronto, Ontario. Ontario Door Repair is prepared to help. We provide service for metal doors and frames, including installation, repairs, and replacement.

    Why Choose Metal Doors?

    High quality metal doors offer a variety of benefits, which makes it understandable that they are so popular. Hollow metal doors offer security, durability, good looks, and fire safety, and they’re used in a variety of places, including residential buildings, commercial locations, and more.

    • Security : Hollow metal door and frame installation is ideal for high-security institutions like courthouses, detention centers, and prisons, but they’re also great for commercial and industrial use, such as in factories.
    • Durability : Metal is one of the most durable materials used for buildings and doors. It is built to be resistant to heat and other conditions that can cause product failure with other materials.
    • Fire safety : Fire rating requirements often call for metal doors, making these the optimal choice. Ontario Door Repair will work with you to ensure your building meets codes and requirements, with professional metal door installation in Toronto.
    • Great looks : Metal doors can offer additional designs that aren’t available in other materials, so if one of your top priorities is aesthetics, metal doors can be a great choice.

    Toronto Metal Door Installation, Repair, and Replacement Information

    Ontario Door Repair is proud to be the metal door service provider for Toronto, Ontario and the GTA area.

    We specialize in: hollow metal doors and frames, standard and custom sized openings, welded frames in our weld shop, knock down frames, handicap/ADA automatic doors and openers, and commercial storefronts. Fire Exit Doors Repair Toronto

    We supply door hardware from an array of well-known brands, including:

    • Corbin Russwin
    • Sargent
    • Schlage
    • Yale Door Hardware
    • Best Door Hardware
    • Select Hinges
    • McKinney Hinges
    • Securitron
    • Norton Door Controls
    • Falcon
    • Monarch
    • Design Hardware
    • Medeco High Security

    The doors and frames we stock and offer carry hinge locations for doors from brands including: Steelcraft, Mesker, Curries, Ceco, Republic, and Amweld.

    Reliable Metal Door Repair and Installation Services in Toronto from Ontario Door Repair

    For more information about any of the services we offer for metal door needs, contact Ontario Door Repair anytime. We’re prepared to work with you to ensure all of your door and security needs are taken care of, with the best available metal door installation services in Toronto.


    Toronto Fire Exit Doors Repair Supply & Installation

    Toronto Door Repair and Replacement ☎️  647-951-3510, call us 24/7 for fast Fire Exit Doors Repair Toronto