Front Entry Doors Replacement

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Front Entry Doors Replacement
Front Entry Doors Replacement, We can fix hinges, locks, handles, jamming doors, door stoppers, cracks and holes

* We repair all types of doors – front doors; garage doors, sliding & rolling doors, aluminium doors, cabinet doors;

* Extra materials can be purchased and delivered to your place;

* The handymen arrive with all tools and equipment needed for the service;

* Flexible schedule slots and availability on weekends or bank holidays;

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At Ontario Door Repair we believe “your windows are the eyes to your home” but nothing says “Welcome Home” or “Come on in” like an edgy new Front Door!

We work with a number of door manufacturing partners, so the choices are almost limitless – bound only by your imagination! We take pride in giving your home the “WOW Factor” when we custom-design windows and doors for your home.  A custom-designed Entry Door from Ontario Window and Door Replacements will improve the look, value and function of your home. Our experienced design team will be happy to work with you to find the entrance to your home that best suits your lifestyle.  There are so many styles it’s impossible to show them all on our website, so call us with your ideas and we’ll help you to make it happen!

Front Entry Doors Replacement Ontario

Your front door is the first impression your guests receive of your home, so make sure it speaks volumes about your taste by getting your front door from Ontario Door Repair!
A home’s front door not only has to match and enhance the property’s overall aesthetic, but also needs to be sturdy enough to handle regular usage and protect your home.

The Ontario Doors & Windows Centre are some of the leading providers of front doors in Ontario, specializing in a variety of styles including aluminium, timber, metal clad, wrought iron, period-era and pivot doors. From Victorian-style homes to architecturally-designed properties, there is a door to suit every home at the Ontario Doors & Windows Centre.

Security is one of the most important factors to consider when installing a front door, as this is the most obvious access point a crook will consider if attempting to break into your home. The team at the Ontario Doors & Windows Centre are happy to make the required additions to your front door to enhance its safety, such as locks, handles, hinges and more.

As well as being secure, your front door also has to look welcoming and appealing to visitors. The experts at the Ontario Doors & Windows Centre can help you choose a front door style that best matches the architectural style of your home, your home’s interior design and your personal style, adding instant value to your property.
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Front & External & Door Repair

If your front door is hard to open it may be due to foundation changes, such movement can effect doors and windows in your home. The doors can become misaligned which makes them sticky and closing and opening the doors more difficult. Most doors may be affected by such slight shifts in the foundation including internal doors. Front doors are the most important for security reasons, and understandably so. After many years of dealing with misaligned doors, we have developed reliable techniques to fix such problems promptly.

Other Factors

Other more serious concerns about the front doors are break-ins which can cause substantial damages to the door and door frame. The door lock usually breaks because of impact which can have ripple effects, for example, the door split including significant damage to the structure/frame. If you need help repairing and replacing your door and door frame, Call 647-951-3510 today.

I Found My Front Door Broken

It’s very confronting when you arrive at your home only to discover this type of occurrence. I know how it feels because I had once experienced my front door broken when coming home from work. It’s an eerie feeling when you walk into your home, which should be a safe place, to see your belongings scattered all over the place. In the unfortunate event, you find yourself in such circumstances; we can help with urgent door repairs, Ontario wide.

What to Do if Your Front Door Is Broken

The first step is to call the police, one you have reported the forced entry call Ontario Door Repair on 647-951-3510; we will secure your door overnight. The following day, we’ll arrange to commence repairs as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t all ways need to report a forced entry, for example, if you locked your keys, inside therefor had to force your way inside.

Broken Back Door

Back doors are no different to front doors. We only think they are less likely to be affected in such circumstances because they aren’t accessed as often as the front doors. So if this happens to the back door instead, the same principles apply as to the front entrance. Exterior doors are all the same, even garage doors, shed doors, French doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or patio doors. They all usually have the same impact when forced open.