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Door Hinge Repair


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    Door Hinge Repair

    Popular Ontario Hinged / Pivot Doors Repair

    Door Hinge Repair, Do you have a hinged door that is difficult to close because it’s scraping on the floor or framing? If this sounds like your problem you may need the hinges replaced or the door planed to fit in the frame. We can solve these problem on internal or external doors easily for you.

    Door Hinge Repair Call 24/7 for any Emergency Door Repair

    If you need your door fixed, we can
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    * Door repairs
    * Hinge repairs
    * Pivot door repairs
    * Toughened glass door repairs
    * Body corporate
    * Corporate door repairs & maintenance
    * Fire doors
    * School doors & gates
    * Pedestrian gate closers

    Floor Mounted Closers

    Can have a pivot point from 65mm to 300mm depending on weight and size of the door . Toughened glass doors can have a variety of appearances created by a number of patch and rail systems that are available.

    Overhead Closing Systems

    Fitted above the door with a surface mounted floor pivot creates the same concealed look. Dorma and Ryobi systems are available with non hold open and hold open options and will suit timber and glass doors. Door thickness is important for all of these systems.
    Normally 40 mm door thickness is required for this type of door. Call and speak to our sales team for help to ensure you get the right closing system or pivot systems for you doors.

    Strong and Secure

    Traditionally the most popular type of door, the hinged door is usually the first option that most people settle on when building. If you want to know how common hinged doors are, then the fact that the hinge is never referenced when referring to this door says it all. Majority of homes and businesses have hinged doors internally if not externally.

    Depending on the available space and preference, hinged doors open either left or right and can be made from a wide range of different materials. This includes fibreglass, metal, all the way to solid timber doors and aluminium composites.

    Strong and Secure Commercial Pivot Hinges repair

    We’ve compiled a list of all the features and benefits that come with hinge doors.
    Our hinged doors are made of strong, clean and durable aluminium frames that most of our competitors can’t match. Whether you need ones with dual entry, single entry or reverse entry, they are in store waiting for you to make an order. The several entry options make our hinged doors fit your different requirements

    Pivot Doors Repair

    Commonly used in commercial applications, the pivot door has become a popular choice for residential homes and apartment buildings alike in the last 15 years. Common problems with pivot doors are; oil leaking from the floor spring, the doors become difficult to open and close or become noisy during operation.

    Pivot door repairs are a speciality area that requires the right hardware, tools & manpower. We have access to a range of pivot door hardware and the expertise to repair pivot doors at very competitive rates. Speak to the pivot door repair experts today call Toronto Door Repair and Toronto Door Replacement – 647-951-3510.

    Door Hinge Repair, Popular Ontario Hinged / Pivot Doors Hinge Repair call Toronto Door Repair & Door Replacement – 647-951-3510, Floor Mounted Closers