Access Control Repair / Installation

Access Control Repair / Installation

Access Control Installers in Toronto. Ontario Doors offers installation and repair of Access Control Systems, including keypads, card & key fob readers  647-951-3510

Access Control Repair / Installation, The team at Ontario Door Repair install Access Control Systems within businesses across the GTA Toronto – providing your commercial premises with the best levels of security protection, restrictive access solutions and theft/vandalism prevention.

  • Professional Advice on fully integrated Access Control System solutions;
  • Expert Installation of Access Control Systems for Offices, Factories, Warehouses & Other Commercial Properties;
  • Training & Ongoing Support provided Post Installation for Access Control Usage;

See samples of some recent Commercial Access Control System installations our team has undertaken in Commercial Premises across the GTA Toronto.

Ontario Door Repair can provide Access Control installations including the following popular among Commercial Premises:

  • Keypad, Fob, Bluetooth & Card Reader Entries
  • Push to Exit Buttons & Electric Lock/Door Release
  • Warehouse Roller Doors, Office Access Control & Factories


Are you looking for an access control system within your home, business or enterprise? Ontario Door Repair provides a high-quality, customized security solution, applicable to each customer’s unique requirements.

Aside from our Access Control Systems, we also provide a range of other security installation services including Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems & Intercom Systems.

Access Control Repair Toronto

Leading Experts in Commercial Access Control Systems

Access Control Repair / Installation, We offer a complete and cost effective service for residential, commercial, industrial and high security applications of any size. We also offer a range of maintenance contracts and could save you money on maintaining your existing access control system.

Using the latest technologies we offer a number of solutions and provide free of charge estimates for different access control options to suit your needs. Access Control Repair / Installation is designed to allow access to authorized personnel in & out of a premises, while restricting visitors and the public from gaining access to restricted areas.

An access control system can also be managed by software on a networked computer to add or remove users, check on any movements with reports and to provide management of occupational health & safety of hazardous areas. 

Ontario Door Repair & Alarms can design an access control system for almost any possible commercial & residential situation, from a single stand alone door to large systems with hundreds of doors with elevators, garage doors, boom gates etc integrated into the system.



If you are interested in our Access Control System product range, please visit our commercial site on Commercial Door Repair.


A basic access control system relies on a pin number keypad, where a pin number is required to access the door or doors required. This type of system is regarded as a low security level, as pin codes can easily be shared or observed.

Latest And Most Convenient Technology In Access Control System

Medium to high security level situations require the added security of normally using something physical in your possession, like a swipe card, smart card or key fob. These types of system can be managed by software via a computer, to add & remove users, allow access at certain times of the day, create reports of movement & more. Also now available in access control systems and is becoming more available & common is bio-metric readers. Bio-metric readers identify a unique physical characteristic feature like as fingerprints, iris identification or hand geometry. For the highest possibly security risk levels we can design a combination of any of the above applications, with also including one of our restricted master key systems and a CCTV camera system.


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