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Automatic Door Opener Installation


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    Automatic Door Opener Installation

    All Our Technician is a AAADM Certified We supply and Install all types of Door Operators & Automatic Door Openers for Handicapped Access

    Automatic Door Opener Installation, We provide installation for all Automatic Door Operators, Accessible Door, Touchless Wave to open, Automatic Door Replacement, Handicap door operator, Touchless Washroom, Universal washroom kit for barrier free ADA with compliant installation.

    Looking for Automatic Doors In Toronto? Well, Ontario Door Repair Toronto offer expert automatic doors repair, installation and maintenance services, Our professionals can manufacture and install a range of automatic doors in Toronto and the GTA area to create a professional and aesthetically pleasing entrance to your shop. We have a variety of designs available for automatic doors and plenty of sizes to choose from for public buildings.

    Ontario Door Repair Toronto is a local Automatic Opener Doors & Technical Services Company established solely on trust and recommendations. Covering all the Ontario area we deal entirely with residential, commercial and corporate sectors. We’re Specialized In Marketing, Installation And Maintenance Of Automatic Doors In Toronto Our Entire Products Range Such As Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Sliding Gates, Automatic Swing Doors, Automatic Gates, Automatic Telescopic Doors and Automatic Curved Sliding Doors.

    Call the Toronto AAA+ Experts Leading One-Stop Shop for All Your Barrier Free & Automatic Door Openers Needs in Toronto and the GTA Ontario

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    Why choose us?

    • Dedicated to our customer needs first and last.
    • Fully Qualified Technicians to meet our high standard of Maintenance services.
    • A complete 24 hour, 7 days a week ongoing Preventive Maintenance Service.
    • Maintain fully stocked service vehicles to serve you on request.
    • Design assistance to specifiers they can create the safest and most efficient doorways that comply with highest standards.
    • We follow quality standards to ensure safety, quality, reliability and after-sales service to both specifiers and users are met.


    We can design and create a door solution that meets your requirements whether you are automating a High-Street Store to a Multi Storey Office Block, we have the experience to advise you on the most sophisticated to the simplest solution.

    Automatic Doors are equipped with the most advanced security and control systems, guaranteeing optimum operation and observance of standards A high level of technology and quality enables us to achieve a perfect solution both in terms of the technical aspects and aesthetics, and one of our key principles is to ensure energy efficiency for our clients.

    Our customers additionally benefit from our experienced team which have been involved with door automation for over 15+ years including some of the largest roll out programmes in the UAE. All types of commercial doors are repaired and maintained including manual and automatic. Our 24/7 maintenance and servicing team understanding maintaining ‘business as usual’ is a priority for our customers offering quick and efficient repairs to our customers, no matter what time of day the need arises.

    Automatic Door Opener Toronto

    Toronto automatic door operators installation

    We provide all Requirements of Ontario Building Code on accessible barrier free washroom doors.

    (Learn about Building Code accessibility rules for newly constructed buildings and extensive renovations in Ontario.)

    The Government of Canada ask The new up and coming The New Accessibility Improvements to Ontario’s Building Code came into effect on January 1, 2015. Also, the current code requires that all buildings have at least one universal washroom for every three floors.


    Automatic Door Opener Installation & Repair Toronto

    Universal Washroom Doors installation

    disabled toilet door installation

    Automatic Door Opener Toronto

    Toronto Automatic Door Opener Repair






    Requirements Building Code changed?

    The Building Code was recently amended to enhance barrier‐free design requirements (accessibility) for new construction and extensive renovations. The Building Code already requires barrier‐free washrooms to be provided in public areas of buildings where barrier‐ free requirements apply. Updated requirements are intended to enhance accessibility and reflect new research on the dimensions needed to accommodate people with disabilities.   

    Requirements take effect January 1, 2015, and apply only to new construction or extensive renovations.

    The new requirements for barrier‐free washrooms?

    The Building Code requires that barrier‐free washrooms be situated on a barrier‐free path of travel and meet design requirements addressing turning space, doorway widths, grab bars, counter heights, and signage, among others.

    New amendments update design requirements for barrier‐free washrooms in a number of ways.  

    Key changes include: Requirements for power door operators at the entrance door to all barrier‐free washrooms; Amended mounting height and location requirements for accessories such as towel dispensers and hand dryers; New fold‐down grab bar design options to allow for transfer space on both sides of the water closet; Requiring an L‐shaped grab bar in all cases and removing the option to provide a diagonal grab bar; and Increased minimum clear floor area in barrier‐free washroom stalls required to allow for turning space.

    If you are looking forward to the Best Company in Ontario to install a new Barrier Free Washroom / Universal Washroom we are hare to provide fast same day service and always using top notch UL devices as Ditec Automatic Door Operators & Camden push buttons.

    Call Ontario Door Repair for Free quote, same day installations for any Automatic Door Opener Installation

    Automatic Doors Toronto, Handicap automatic doors, Automatic Door openers, Universal Washroom Kit Toronto.