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Automatic Door Operators Installation


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    Automatic Door Operators Installation

    Need Same Day Service for Automatic Door Operators Repair or Installation in Toronto and the GTA ON Call us  647-951-3510,

    Automatic Door Operators Installation, The beauty of automatic door openers, or door operators, is that they can be installed on any door. This means an existing door can be transformed from manual to automatic – a great option for those who don’t have the space or funds for the installation of a brand new automatic door. Automatic door openers are mounted near the top of a swing door, allowing it to open or close automatically.

    They are compatible with most door types and materials, and can be controlled by using sensors, remotes or access control devices like push buttons. Automatic door openers are made up of an automatic door actuator or a pneumatic door opener, usually in combination with an automatic door activator.

    Whilst this may sound complex, the setup of these different components means that a variety of access systems can be created, ranging from low energy “push and go” swing doors to fully automatic doors.

    Automatic Access approach to automatic door openers

    automatic door openers, solutions to many different accessibility problems can be easily and quickly addressed.

    Here at automatic door operator repair we are fully aware of the guidelines outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act and we can work with your business to help you overcome any obstacles. We will find openers and activators that are suitable for your door! With our expertise, we can turn any door into an automatic door. We consistently deliver to a high standard, enjoying positive feedback from our customers who value our unique approach.

    We realize that automatic doors need to be robust and able to handle the heavy workload required by commercial premises. That is why we make sure we source and buy the best openers for the job in hand, meaning that you can have peace of mind knowing your automatic door will last.

    We offer free access audits and free site surveys for all installations of automatic doors. For more information about out automatic door openers, give us a call on  647-951-3510, or contact us via our online form.

    Toronto Automatic Door Operators Installation –  647-951-3510,
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    Automatic Door Operators Installation Toronto offer convenient access and help prevent injury to customers by waiting to open or close until the customer has completely passed through the doorway.

    This is especially helpful when it comes to areas of slower-moving traffic.

    Toronto Entrance Access Solutions offer installation, replacement and repair services for all types of automatic doors in the Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Scarborough, Markham, Oshawa, Ajax, North York, East York, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton Ontario.

    Toronto Automatic Door Operators Installation offer the installation of any of your entrance requirements or needs. From the retrospective install of an automatic operator to an existing door to complete glazed architectural aluminium shop front with automatic entrance doors.

    What information do you need for a quote?

    Automatic Door Operators Repair, Please fill out the quote form by following the link below. Generally, we will be able to give you an indicative quotation over the phone, however an accurate quotation will normally require a site visit.

    • What type of door or entrance solution do you require?
    • What type of work are we undertaking (installation, repair, replacement)?
    • What sort of building is the project being undertaken in?
    • What sort of systems and locks do you require?

    It is important to make sure that your door system is going to be safe and is installed by someone who is qualified to do the work. Toronto Automatic Door Operator Installation will ensure that your door is installed correctly and complies with the latest health & safety requirements.

    If you would like a FREE no-obligation quote specifically tailored to your requirements, then please get in touch to find out what Toronto Automatic Door Operator Solutions can do for you.

    Automatic Swing Doors

    Automatic Swing Doors create the maximum opening width within small apertures and are often the most practical automatic solution. They have been expertly designed to work efficiently, to be durable and be easy to maintain.

    Our state-of-the-art swing operators are well designed, compact and will complement the look of any entrance.

    Automating existing manual swing doors is a simple and cost effective procedure that can be carried out to immediately improve usability. They are commonly used both as a Single or a Double Swing Door. Double doors being used when possible to increase the walk through width/traffic.

    They can be set up in a variety of ways including ‘fully automatic’, ‘low energy’ and ‘push & go’, and can be fitted with emergency battery back-up and break out facilities.


    • Slimline Operators
    • Internal Operators
    • Underfloor Operators
    • In head Operators
    • Heavy Duty Operators
    • Low Energy


    • Disabled access
    • Emergency openings

    disabled toilet door installation toronto

    Automatic Swinging Doors

    Automatic swinging doors are usually directional and used for narrow passage, either in or out.

    The operators can just be supplied with drive arm and header or as a complete package.

    They can be installed overhead or mounted on the surface for push and pull usage.

    An operator with drive arm and header are provided together with a suitable activation and security system when existing door panels are utilized. We provide a variety of modern age automatic swing doors in different shapes and sizes which offer a lot of convenience at different places such as homes, offices, restaurants, shops, etc.

    There are numerous benefits of installing these doors which are mentioned below:

    • These doors have safety sensors, wireless remote control, timers, controlled accessories, etc which ensures high level of security. In case there are many visitors randomly entering and exiting, then this option will help you to manage traffic.
    • Besides security, these doors offer great looks as well. There are many designs to opt from while installing these doors. This is the main reason why these gates can be seen at airport facilities, hotels, shopping centres, big retail outlets and various other places.
    • Automatic swing doors can be adjusted according to space of the room as these doors have single and dual door movement mechanisms. So if there is a need for single door movement for small space, it can fit perfectly.

    To sum up, automatic doors are the professional, modern, stylish and handy solution to your home and will improve its looks.

    Maintenance Automatic Door Operators Repair

    Toronto Automatic Door Operators InstallationAutomatic door repair is the most overlooked aspect of maintenance at your place. If you do not keep your doors in proper working condition then it can lead to various problems which can reduce your reputation among visitors. Automatic doors are usually subjected to heavy usage, so they need to be maintained regularly.

    If they are malfunctioning, then it is quite possible that these need to be repaired. Don’t wait for the doors to start showing signs of failure as it may put safety of visitors at risk. If entrance door sticks when somebody tries to enter it causes a safety risk and a huge inconvenience for visitors. It will be disappointment for businesses also, as it will give customers a negative impression and you may start to lose them.

    Automatic door operator repair and Services will analyze the frequency of the inspection which will be determined by usage of the doors.

    It will help you to make schedules for maintenance and repairing of automatic doors. We will provide a diagnostic and safety test of your system to quickly determine what repairs are needed. Most of the problems come with malfunctioning of sensors while repairing automatic doors.

    Sensors and motor controls are the main reason behind opening and closing of the doors. Since engineers try to figure out causes related to these issues, sensors are disabled and then motor is replaced for safety purposes.

    Our professional workers will always look out for your safety and replace old equipments with high quality automatic doors.

    Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your automatic doors is a good practice. But it is even better to do security checks daily to ensure your doors are working properly.

    There are some tips to check functioning of your Automatic Door Operators Repair :

    • Check if electronic sensor is working properly when someone passes through the entrance.
    • Observe the time spans in which it opens and closes according to the motion of the person. It should be smoother and accurate with the distance of the person entering or crossing the door.
    • Check how it works when a person stands close to it motionless. It should remain open until the person crosses entrance.

    It is important to maintain automatic doors on a regular basis as they have potential to cause serious injury to anyone. At Automatic door operator repair, we are expert in installing, repairing, servicing, and maintaining all kinds of doors. We keep records of the doors we install and maintain it together with the reports of inspection.

    Automatic Door Opener Installation Toronto

    Automatic Door Customers

    Our portfolio ranges from working with small independent businesses to large multinationals. All of which appreciate our attention to detail and excellent customer service. Some of the industry sectors that we have supplied automatic and manual doors too include: WAVE TO OPEN TORONTO

    • Pharmacy Doors & Shop Fronts
    • Nursing Homes Entrances
    • Shopping Centres Doors
    • Doctor’s Surgeries Doors
    • Office Automatic Doors
    • Retail Units
    • Sports Centre
    • Community Centres
    • Sheltered Housing Doors
    • Hotel Entrances & DDA Access

    Our Automatic Door Opener service cover all aspects of door openers some are list below:

    • Disabled Door Opening
    • Push Button Door Opening
    • Remote Control Door Opening
    • Keypad Door Opening

    We can fit our Automatic Door Openers on most doors, the main doors we fit to are listed below:

    • Single Door Automatic Door Openers
    • Double Door Automatic Door Openers
    • Swing Door Automatic Door Openers
    • Wooden Door Automatic Door Openers
    • Metal Door Automatic Door Openers
    • Upvc Door Automatic Door Openers

    Toronto Automatic Door Openers Toronto Door Opener

    Automatic Door Openers can really change peoples lives and allow them to access their property without having to struggle with keys or opening doors.

    The convenience  for a receptionist not having to get up and open doors for a elderly or disabled customer.

    The convenience and independence of the elderly or disabled person not having to wait for someone to open the door for them.

    Automatic Door Opener Installation is one of many services we offer but alongside installation offer a maintenance and repairs service.  Automatic Door Closers and Openers need regular maintenance to keep them working effectively and safely.