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    Enhancing Your Space with Superior Door Solutions

    Doors Replacement, In the heart of Toronto, the choice of doors for your property is not just about securing an entryway but about enhancing the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your space. Ontario Door Repair, a leader in the door replacement industry, offers an extensive selection of door replacement and installation services tailored to the diverse needs of Toronto residents.

    Doors Replacement

    Doors Replacement: A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

    At Ontario Door Repair, we understand the importance of having doors that are not only functional but also complement the design of your home or office. Our expertise spans across all major door brands in the Canadian market, enabling us to supply and install a variety of doors, including low energy automatic doors, fully automatic doors, manual doors, and door equipment.

    Supply & Installation Doors in Toronto: 647-951-3510

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our professional advice and planning services, ensuring that our customers receive products that perfectly fit their needs while being cost-effective.

    Internal and External Doors Replacement

    Ontario Replacement Door Company takes pride in offering a highly personalized service, crafting each door with precision and care by skilled craftsmen. Our doors, made in Canada, are designed to upgrade your internal and external spaces, providing a seamless blend of quality and beauty.

    Customized Solutions for Every Need

    Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade of your internal doors or seeking bespoke doors that reflect your unique style, Ontario Door Repair is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. Our doors are not just functional elements of your property; they are key components that enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

    Doors Replacement

    Door Repair and Replacement

    We offer a fully comprehensive service which is provided on an all-inclusive price basis.  The price you are quoted includes:

    • The door itself
    • Your choice of standard finishes
    • Your choice of door handles
    • Fitting by experienced joiners

    Weatherproof uPVC Door Replacement

    Practically maintenance free, uPVC doors are available in a wide range of styles, including an array of glazing options, colours, and designs to suit your home or office. Made-to-measure, these doors are also suited for unusual or non-standard opening sizes.

    Choose from the following effects and finishes:

    Weatherproof uPVC Doors

    • White
    • Oak
    • Mahogany
    • Beech
    • Wood Grain
    • Rosewood

    Replacement High-Security Fire Door

    We offer a comprehensive range of certified fire doors and 1 hour to 4 hour fire certified steel fabricated doors in various materials and designs. These are suitable for all requirements, including commercial, public, and residential premises.

    We also build partitions, door frames, glazed screens, and metal gates that conform to strict building control regulations.

    Serving a wide variety of sectors, we provide fire doors for any building that may require them, including:

    • Hospitals
    • Care Homes
    • Schools
    • Office Blocks
    • Hotels
    • Bed and Breakfasts
    • High-Security Fire Doors

    Supplying Specialist Wooden Door Replacement

    Depend on our experts when you require a wooden door. We supply a wide range of internal and external wooden doors to suit your budget. We offer made-to-measure doors in different sizes, also available with various glazing options, glass styles and designs. Choose from the following colours and styles:

    Supplying Specialist Wooden Doors

    • Oak
    • Pine
    • Mahogany
    • Molded White

    Building Beautiful Bespoke Doors Replacement

    Call upon our experts when you require a solution tailored to your exact needs. We build internal and external doors to your specification.

    Composite Door Replacement

    Composite doors have the look of finished hardwood doors, but they are made from hard-wearing, weatherproof, glass-reinforced plastics and aluminum.

    This means that they are virtually maintenance free as well as being long-lasting. The structure of these doors means they are good insulators, helping to keep your energy costs down, and are also very secure.

    Door Repair in Toronto After a Break-In

    Doors Replacement, Ontario Door Repairs are Specialists in the Supply, Repair & Installation of Replacement Automatic Doors in the GTA Toronto Ontario.

    24/7 Ontario door Repair company to call if you are looking to replace doors in your home or Storefront Door Business. We have a range of replacement doors to suit your style and budget. Whether you are looking for a new style of door, or are replacing a damaged one, we can provide the right advice and product for your particular home.

    At Ontario Door Replacement we offer a wide range of replacement doors. Our range includes:Door Frame Repairs

    ✅ Sliding Doors
    ✅ Hinged Doors
    ✅ Multi Stack Doors
    ✅ Bi-Fold Doors
    ✅ French Doors
    ✅ Door Frame Repairs

    Ontario Door Repair will also provide professional door frame repairs for any damaged or worn doors. This is done by professional tradespeople which means you don’t need to replace door frames until it is necessary.
    For more information on replacement windows and doors or door frame repairs email us, fill out our online quote form or phone 647-951-3510.

    Replacement Hinged Door

    Hinged doors can be both aluminum and timber. Our aluminum is available in a range of colours. The glass options are standard glazing, double-glazing, obscure, translucent laminated glass, LowE glass and toughened. These styles can also be tinted. If you are looking to replace your door, contact us for a quote

    Replacement Sliding Door

    Sliding doors are available in timber and aluminium. Our aluminium is available in a range of colours. A benefit to sliding doors is that they are cheaper than most other options and they don’t take up any floor space We also offer the conversion of a window into a sliding door

    With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Ontario Door Repair has a team of experts that you can trust. Ontario Door Repair will supply and install your new replacement doors quickly and efficiently. Ontario Door Repair are experienced and trained professionals specializing in the full replacement of doors.

    The opening and closing of a door over a number of years make them susceptible to everyday wear and tear; a change in weather can affect the way a timber door performs.

    Ontario Door Repair recognizes this and understands that a moving timber door can undergo stress in its day-to-day use Ontario Door Repair are manufactured to the highest quality and are fitted to ensure continuing long-term performance, functionality and security.

    Ontario Door Repair provide a professional and affordable door Repair service that thousands of Canadian homeowners have already experienced. Whether you want to replace an existing timber door that has deteriorated, create a new look, or merge your indoor and outdoor spaces, our team of experts are ready to help.

    Ontario Door Replacement also provide a range of double glazing benefits, including noise reduction as well as keeping out the heat in summer and keeping in the heat in winter.

    Ontario Door Repair has twenty years of experience in the replacement of any type of doors and offer a selection of doors to meet any requirement, including: Door RepairDoor Repair

    ? Bifold Door
    ? French Door
    ? Sliding Door
    ? Hinged Door
    ? Stacker Door

    For more information about the finest Ontario Door Repair has on offer, get in touch with the Ontario Door Replacement team by filling out our contact form or calling 647-951-5310

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