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    Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation Call – 24/7  647-951-3510

    Frame Door repair Toronto, if your door frame is misaligned, it can be fixed by a carpenter or handyman. When we install a new door or repair an old one, we will carefully inspect your door frame to ensure it’s in good repair. The specific steps to fix the problem will depend on the extent of the misalignment and the cause of the issue.

    In some cases, it may be as simple as tightening screws or adding shims to level the frame. In more severe cases, the frame may need to be removed and rebuilt.

    If it requires repair, we can manage it. Is the frame rotted because of moisture damage? Is the door frame misaligned? Some door frame issues require quick repairs while others require a more advanced solution.

    To find a carpenter or handyman in your area, you can call us at 647-951- 3510 It’s a good idea to get estimates from our professionals. You may also want to ask about our experience with similar projects and whether they have any specialized training or certifications.

    Let our door technicians inspect your door frame and provide you with the reliable service you need.

    Expertise in residential and commercial door frame installations & repairs

    Frame Door repair Toronto is a locally-owned business since 2004. With the original owners still running the daily business, the main common thread that runs through this company is integrity.

    From the call for service to the completion of the job, integrity parallels with outstanding customer service.

    All Purpose Door Repair specializes in new doors and service repairs on all commercial and automatic pedestrian doors. We service and install all hardware and the glass associated with these doors.

    When others can only offer you a replacement of your door, many times our skilled service technicians can repair it. It is always worth your time and money to ask us to come out and give you a free bid.

    Hollow metal doors and frames are a required part of any commercial construction project.

    Frame Door repair Toronto understands this and that is why we deal with industry leading hollow metal manufacturers like Curries and Timely and have partnered with custom fabrication shops to ensure you get a quality product when you need it.

    • Commercial hollow metal doors in stock in a wide variety of sizes and configurations
    • Fully assembled hollow metal frames available through our custom fabrication shop or we stock knock-down frames
    • Smoke rated and up to 3-hour fire-rated door and frame assemblies for code compliant openings
    • Prefinished metal and interior aluminum frames, which get installed along with permanent doors, offer a stylish way to cut down on labor and trade involvement
    • Bullet, blast, and hurricane resistant door and frame assemblies for specialty opening needs
    • STC and acoustic-rated door and frame systems for sound control
    • FRP door systems for high-abuse areas
    • Stainless steel and industrial fiberglass door and frame assemblies for sterile or corrosive environments
    • Frame Door repair Toronto in-house hollow metal fabrication shop is not only capable of handling, but has the know-how to handle just about any job no matter the size or complexity. This includes everything from custom side lite & borrowed lite frames, unique hardware preparations, adding lite kits or louvers to doors, on-site lead lining of frames, and even applying both UL (Underwriters Laboratory) & WHI (Warnock Hersey) fire labels to rated door and frame assemblies.
    • This, combined with an extensive inventory of frame stock for over 8 common wall thicknesses and doors with industry standard polystyrene cores to keep projects moving no matter how tight the schedule. All doors and frames are tested in accordance with SDI and NAAMM standards and are subject to CDI’s stringent quality control program.

    Local Toronto Door Repair Company Offering Personalized Solutions. Call Now!

    Creating a luxury hotel requires only the best material. 

    Frame Door repair Toronto was able to draw on its extensive array of suppliers to ensure visitors to this high-end facility had only the best. We provided over 300 openings worth of material including hollow metal doors and frames, high-grade wood doors and the electronic room entry locks.

    For those times when you need someone to come to you, Frame Door repair Toronto has a complete, well trained field service team.

    Capable of virtually any work you may require at your site, our field service technicians bring Frame Door repair Toronto quality to you.

    • Repair and rework of hollow metal doors and frames
    • Repair and rework of wood doors
    • Installation of doors, frames and hardware
    • Key system maintenance and installation
    • Doorway Solutions, a sales and service division of Frame Door repair Toronto, works exclusively with end user and wholesale customers. This market requires a different level of expertise and service capability and Frame Door repair Toronto was created with that in mind. From providing the door, frame and architectural hardware how you need it and when you need it, we also supply and install electronic access control and can provide complete field services including installation, repair and locksmithing.

    Field Service Solutions

    For those times when you need someone to come to you, Frame Door repair Toronto has a complete, well-trained field service team. Capable of virtually any work you may require at your site, our units bring Frame Door repair Toronto quality to you.

    Security Integration Solutions  Frame Door Repair Toronto

    We provide a comprehensive array of security integration services including system design and engineering, installation, service, and support.

    Your security integration system becomes an integral part of the entire door opening solution with the safety and security you require.

    If you are searching for a front door installation and repair service in Toronto or or the GTA area, then Frame Door repair Toronto is the best choice for you, as we are known for providing the best front door services in these regions.

    We Specialize In Kits For Rusted Door Frames & Corroded Door Jambs

    We provide elegant and durable front doors for domestic establishments. We have trained technicians and staff that are always ready to answer your questions regarding the installation and repair of front doors or entry doors to your home.

    We provide a wide range of affordable and durable residential entry doors for clients in the Toronto area.

    The front door installation and repair services of Frame Door and repair Toronto are considered number one as our trained staff works carefully to ensure the safety and security of our clients by installing only the best quality doors.

    Sometimes, bad weather can damage your front door. Sometimes, an attempted burglary attempt can damage your entry door hardware.

    For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency service for front door installation and repair. We are experts in door jamb repair, door hinge repair, replacing door hardware, and door frame repair as well.

    We also provide up front pricing so that you can compare our services if you want to.

    Our experienced door installation staff uses their skills, knowledge, and training along with all the procedures of providing specialized services for installing a new front door at your home.

    Before installing new doors, our team of door installation professionals will inspect the place where the doors are to be installed as the first step.

    After inspecting your premises, our front door installation specialists will proceed to the next step of installing new doors as per the expectations of our customers. The door installation professionals employed by our company have at least 5 years of experience in the field of installation, replacement, and repair of any types of doors.

    Why Choose Ontario Doors For Front Door Frame repair?

    With the use of the latest front door installation and repair techniques and equipment, our high quality exterior door installation services focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

    Our experienced and friendly staffs are available 24/7 and provide fast and friendly responses to every call regarding front doors for homes.

    We also offer an endless range of front door designs and door hardware that will match your home’s decor, and we ensure the highest quality management of your door installation project from start to end.

    If you are looking for new front door locks, Frame Door repair Toronto also installs high tech locks and traditional deadbolt locks in all the GTA area.

    So if you are planning to replace or repair your existing entry doors at home, then you should not hesitate in calling Ontario Door repair Toronto. We have been providing front door installation and repair for over 14 years to the residents of Toronto and GTA area. We provide upfront pricing ensuring no hidden fees and we also provide free quotes!

    Frame Door Repair Toronto, Expert Professional Door Repair & Frame Installation Call – 24/7  647-951-3510 

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