Panic Bar Installation & Repair

Panic Bar Installation & Repair

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Panic Bar Installation & Repair, Panic Exit Devices are also known as panic bars, exit devices or crash bars/exit bars. They are devices for opening a single or double door in an emergency situation.

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Panic/exit devices are widely used as the primary opening mechanism in many commercial buildings, and are commonly found on emergency exit doors. Common locations may include doors which provide egress from assembly locations, high volume doors used by many occupants, doors giving access to hazardous areas or doors within buildings needing to meet international building codes or standards.

They are locking bars that offer a higher level of security by using multi-point locking devices. This is ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels, Government buildings, Shopping centers, Financial institutions, Council amenities buildings, Rear entry doors & fire exits, and similar Buildings.

Here a Ontario Doors & Locksmith we supply and install various types of leading brand panic exit devices manufactured by leading companies such as Lockwood Panic Exit Devices, Dormakaba Exit Device, Kaba Exit Device, Von Duprin Exit Devices, Briton Panic Exit Device, Legge Exit Device, and ADI Bar Locking. Some Emergency panic exit devices have been tested up to 2 hours on fire doors (depending on type of doorset)


Your office is basically your second home. There is a good chance that you spend more time there than you do anywhere else. For that reason, the safety of it is paramount. Inside your office is a variety of values including equipment, paperwork and most importantly, you and your staff.

It is essential that you seriously consider taking some different steps to make sure you have a plan for an emergency situation. Hopefully, these things are something you will never need, but if anything were to happen, you will be happy you made a small investment compared to what could go wrong. Calling in one of our commercial locksmith lock specialists is the right place to start.

24/7 Locksmith Service

A panic bar is a very important safety feature. If it is not working properly, it can put your staff and your customers at risk. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix or install them. Even if you call us in the dead of night on a holiday weekend we will be there in a flash. We have a 30 min response time guarantee. We will be there in minutes to ensure your people and your customers are safe. We are a commercial locksmith and know the types of locks and panic hardware that are best suited for your business. Plus we have expert technicians that can quickly get to your business day or night.