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    Storefront Entry Doors Replacement

    Storefront Doors

    Customer satisfaction is critical to any business enterprise. A poorly kept storefront will not only reflect negatively on your company’s reputation, but it could also hurt your chances of closing a sale. To improve your customer appeal make the appearance of your storefront a priority. Ontario Door Repair specialists have the training and experience required to restore the lost appeal of commercial buildings. Our team delivers exceptional commercial storefront glass care service, which ultimately improves your business and the community.

    Your Storefront Doors

    We provide much more than storefront window and glass door repair services. We also offer a large selection of decorative storefront doors that will match the unique style of your business. Additionally, we provide glass options that will improve the security of your business at all hours, such as glass that is fire resistant and bulletproof. If your business is located in an area that experiences severe weather, we recommend going the extra yard by investing in our safety glass. Tempered safety glass is much stronger than regular glass, which makes it much more difficult to break. If a pane is damaged, it will split into smaller chunks instead of large, sharp pieces. To add the finishing touch to any pane, we recommend imprinting important information onto the glass. Customize your storefront glass with prints of your company’s name, address, logo, hours of operation and phone number.

    Adding Security Film

    To protect your storefront glass, we recommend applying security film to the most prominent panes of your building. Security film shields glass from damage and acts as the first line of defense in the security of your building. The tear resistant nature of the film makes it unlikely thieves or vandals will easily break into your business. Even if a pane breaks, it sticks to the film and will remain in place. If the film does tear, the glass will break into large, manageable chunks, which are less dangerous to clean up. This quality makes our security film an excellent deterrent against potential thieves while also protecting your storefront from possibly damaging weather elements. You won’t have to worry about our security film affecting the lighting of your store either. The security film will allow natural light to enter into your store without obstructing it.

    Our 24-Hour Emergency Services

    When a business is in need of commercial storefront glass care, it’s rarely at a convenient time. At Ontario Door Repair, we understand that trying to schedule glass repair or replacement services around your busy schedule can be challenging, which is why we provide commercial storefront glass care services to all of our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your business experiences storefront door or window glass damage, you will be able to contact us at any time. We will send one of our specialists to secure your store and to clean up all broken glass. We will then install new glass during a time that is most convenient for you.

    Ensure that you leave a good impression on your customers by investing in new glass doors and windows today. Not only will our glass options improve the aesthetic of your storefront, but they will also keep your business safe and secure at all times. Be sure to Contact us at Ontario Door Repair to find out more about our commercial glass care services today.