Wood Door Replacement

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If you’re considering installing new or replacement doors, you have many styles and materials to choose from. Solid wood is one option that certainly demands your attention. Front entry doors, patio doors, and interior doors are all available in solid wood. Learn more about the benefits of solid wood doors and the care they require to help you decide if this is the right choice for your home.

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Solid Wood Door Brands Wood Door Replacement

As a non-proprietary door distributor and installer, Ontario Door Repair is proud to offer an extensive selection of solid wood doors from the best manufacturers in the industry. Some of your choices include:

  • MAI Doors
  • Norwood Doors
  • Bloch
  • Simpson
  • And more

Solid Wood Front Entry Doors

Nothing beats the high-end beauty of a solid wood front entry door. From modern bamboo to traditional oak to rustic knotted pine, you can customize the look of your front door to make a bold statement when guests arrive. Order a door constructed with panels, molding, or windows. Then, customize the finished product with stain to allow the natural grain to shine through, or paint the door in any color you choose.

Just be aware that solid wood front entry doors require a bit more care to keep them in peak condition. You’ll need to seal the door before installing it and reseal it again every few years to prevent warping or swelling. Also, plan to install a heavy-duty door jamb and hardware to support the extra weight of such a high-quality door.

Solid Wood Patio Doors

Many patio door styles come in solid wood. You might prefer solid wood French doors or a glass sliding door with a solid wood frame. Whatever type you choose, you’ll discover that scratches in your solid wood patio door are easy to sand down and refinish again and again. This allows you to keep your patio door looking like new for years to come.

As with solid wood entry doors, you’ll need to seal your wood patio door every few years to help protect it from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. If you love the timeless look of solid wood patio doors, this additional upkeep is worth it.

Solid Wood Interior Doors

Wood is a common material used for interior doors, but it comes in different forms, including engineered wood and faux wood veneer with a fiberboard interior. All options considered, solid wood is the highest quality material for interior doors.

The benefits of paying a little more for solid wood interior doors include greater sturdiness, better sound proofing, and the ability to provide years of heavy use. Sanding and re-staining keep solid wood interior doors looking beautiful for many years. Plus, since they’re located inside and aren’t exposed to the elements, there’s no need to reseal solid wood interior doors.

Install Solid Wood Doors in Toronto Ontario

Whether you’re choosing doors for a new home or replacing damaged doors in your current residence, solid wood could be the high-end material you’re looking for. See for yourself how sturdy and beautiful solid wood doors are by visiting one of our showrooms in Toronto. Feel free to ask questions while you’re here. We take pride in our educational sales approach, which helps ensure you purchase doors you’ll love for years to come.

To learn more, or to request a free in-home consultation and estimate, please contact Ontario Door Repair. We’ll help you find the perfect new or replacement doors for your home!