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Commercial Door Repair


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    Commercial Door Repair

    Experienced Toronto Door Repair and Replacement – Call Us at 647-951-3510

    Ontario Door Repair, Inc., your all-inclusive resource for commercial door services, has proudly served the building industry for over two decades. We understand the critical role doors play in your commercial property’s functionality and security.

    Our Comprehensive Services Include:

    • Door Break-In Repair
    • Commercial Door Replacement
    • Commercial Front Door Repair
    • Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair

    Whether it’s emergency repairs, routine maintenance, or a complete overhaul, our team of seasoned professionals is equipped to handle all types of commercial door repair services. We provide no-obligation, free quotes and consultations to tailor long-term solutions to your needs.

    Why Choose Our Commercial Door Repair Services

    1. Enhance Your Security

    Our services ensure your doors function optimally, offering the first line of defense against potential intruders and protecting those inside from environmental elements.

    2. Prevent Business Interruptions

    Avoid delays and production losses with our efficient repair services, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

    3. Eliminate Headaches and Worries

    Delegate your door repair needs to us and focus on your core business activities, knowing you’re in capable hands.

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    As we move into 2024, we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive discount on our door repair and replacement services. Ensure your commercial doors are in top condition and enhance your property’s security and functionality. Contact us at 647-951-3510 or to learn more and claim your discount!

    Discover the Right Commercial Door Solution for Your Needs

    From aluminum doors and security systems to custom fabrications, our team ensures precision in every job. Ontario Door Repair is not just about fixing doors; we’re about providing peace of mind and reliability.

    Contact Us Today!

    Don’t let door issues disrupt your business. Get in touch with Ontario Door Repair for unparalleled service that secures and enhances your commercial space.

    Door Installation in Toronto

    Commercial Door Installation

    Toronto Door Repair and Replacement – 647-951-3510

    Commercial Door Repair Toronto is an experienced and reliable company that provides all kinds of commercial door repair services. Door Repair Toronto specializes in all kinds of commercial door repair services.

    From emergency door repairs to regular maintenance, they have a team of professionals who can do it all. They also offer free quotes and consultations for those looking for a long-term solution.

    We provide a wide range of commercial door repair services to suit your needs and budget. We offer a free, no-obligation quote on any commercial door repair or replacement project.

    A door is an important part of any commercial building. Without it, the building would not be able to function. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with commercial door repair Toronto services, then look no further than us at Paragon Door & Window.

    3 Reasons You Need to Start Hiring Commercial Door Repairs Toronto to Save Your Business

    Why Is Commercial Door Repair Toronto Necessary?

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    There are many reasons why commercial door repair Toronto is necessary.

    Commercial doors are the most important part of a building. They are the first line of defense against intruders, and they also provide protection from weather elements for those who work inside.

    Commercial door repairs Toronto is necessary because it ensures that the doors are working correctly and securely, which prevents any damage or injury.

    1. To Keep Your Building Secure

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    We live in a world where safety is paramount. We have to be safe from all sorts of threats, from the environment to other people. When we go home at night, we want to know that our house is locked and that it’s safe for us and our family.

    This section will explore how buildings can be designed with security in mind so you can feel safe at all times. We will also look at some ways you can keep your building secure without breaking the bank.

    1) To Keep Your Building Secure:

    – Designing buildings with security in mind – Getting a good security system installed – Making your home as secure as possible

    2. To Prevent Delays or Loss of Production

    business continuity, time savingsFire Exit Door Repair

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    AI assistants can be used to automate tasks such as data entry, scheduling, and other administrative tasks. This will help in saving time and increasing productivity.

    3. To Save Yourself from Headaches & Worries!

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    Commercial Door Closer Repair

    Different types of commercial doors and their applications

    Fire door repair services, security doors

    There are many different types of commercial doors. For example, fire doors are designed to protect people from the threat of fire. They are usually made of metal and have a high-level of fire resistance. Security doors can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. They have a higher level of security than other types of doors because they have locks that can be opened with keys or codes.

    The door is one of the most important parts in any building because it provides safety, security, and protection for our family or company’s belongings.

    Installation of Commercial Doors

    commercial door installation, residential door Installation of doors is one of the most important jobs for a professional locksmith.

    A commercial door installation is different from a residential door installation. This is because commercial doors need to be more durable, secure and have higher fire ratings than residential doors.

    Commercial door installations are usually done by locksmiths who specialize in this type of work. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to install commercial doors properly.

    The Complete Guide to Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair Toronto – The Expert’s Voice

    What is a Commercial Storefront Glass Door?

    A storefront glass door is a type of door that is used to enclose the entrance to a business. It can also be called an entrance door.

    The glass storefront doors are designed for commercial purposes and are not suitable for residential use. They are typically made from tempered or laminated glass and should be installed by a professional. The installation process includes installing the frame, attaching the track and installing the hardware. The storefront glass doors can also be custom-made for any size or shape of building, as well as any design or color scheme desired by the client.

    A commercial storefront glass door is an important component of any building’s exterior because it helps to protect against vandalism, break-ins, theft, and other crimes.

    How to Fix Cracked Commercial Glass Doors

    Repair After Burglary


    The most common reason for a glass door to break is when someone drops something heavy on it. If the glass door is cracked, then you need to fix it as soon as possible. It is not safe to use a broken glass door because it can shatter at any time, and this can cause injury or death.

    So how do you fix a broken or cracked commercial glass door? You can either replace the entire door, or you can get a professional to come and repair it for you.

    Replacing the entire door: Replacement doors are more expensive than repairing one that has been cracked. However, they will last much longer and be more secure than repairing the old one. When replacing the entire door, make sure that there isn’t any debris in front of the entrance so

    Commercial Glass Door Repair Costs

    The cost of commercial glass door repair is determined by the type of damage sustained, the company that performs the service, and the time it takes to complete the work.

    Commercial glass door repair costs can range from $100 to $500 for a small crack or chip. The cost can increase up to $5,000 for shattered glass or broken windows.

    What is the Cost of New Glass Doors?

    The cost of new glass doors can vary depending on the style, the type of glass, and the installation.

    A typical door can be installed for $150-200. The price of a new front door with double pane windows starts at around $350. For custom doors, prices can start at $700 or more.

    Commercial Door Repair Toronto

    Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair Toronto: The Best Services in the Area

    What is a Commercial Storefront Glass Door?

    A commercial storefront glass door is a door that is made of glass and installed in front of a store. It usually has an aluminum frame.

    The commercial storefront glass door is usually made of tempered or laminated glass, which can be customized to fit the design and style of the store. The doors are also designed to withstand break-ins, which makes them more secure than traditional doors.

    The Disadvantages of Commercial Storefront Glass Doors

    Glass storefront doors are a great way to make your business stand out. It is an attractive and sleek design that can make your business look more professional. But, they also come with some disadvantages.

    Some of the disadvantages of commercial storefront glass doors are:

    – Glass doors can be expensive to replace if they break or get damaged in any way.

    – The glass door does not provide much privacy, so people may feel like they are being watched when they walk by the store.

    – If you live in a high traffic area, the glass door will be constantly getting smeared with fingerprints and dirt from people walking by.

    #1 Glass Door Repair Company in Toronto, Ontario

    Why Choose us for the Best Glass Door Repair Services in Toronto?

    We are the best company in the industry when it comes to repairing glass doors in commercial storefronts. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we know all about fixing these doors. Our technicians are experts at their job and will make sure that you get your door repaired without any hassle.

    We provide a wide range of services including door repair, window repair, replacement windows, window installation, glass installation and more.

    We offer a wide range of services for commercial doors including:

    • Toronto Door Repair
    • Toronto Door Replacement
    • Door Break-In Repair
    • Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair
    • Commercial Security Doors Installation

    They also provide door break-in repair services, storefront glass door repair and replacement, and much more.

    Door Repair Toronto has been in business since 1998. We have serviced over 230,000 customers in the Greater Toronto Area alone. This company has been family-owned for over 25 years and they pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

    Commercial Door Repair Toronto is a company that specializes in the repair and replacement of commercial doors and windows. They also provide door break-in repair services, storefront glass door repair and replacement, and much more.

    In all that time they have also gained immense knowledge and experience with broken commercial doors, which gives them the edge when it comes to fixing one.

    As you will see on our products page, we carry full line of hollow metal and solid core wood doors to meet any application. We carry major brands like Burns, Ceco, Chappel, Corbin-Russwin, Graham, LCN, Norton, Schlage, Reese, Rockwood, Yale, and many others. We have also filled a unique niche as supplier of restroom partitions and accessories.

    Nobody knows hollow metal doors as we do. Not only do we carry a huge inventory of doors and frames, our craftsmen also custom fabricate doors and frames to your specifications. We have a trained staff of field technicians ready to install or repair your doors. And, we are certified to fire rate doors, frames, and windows. Please visit our services page to learn more about our professional services.

    Commercial Door Repair

    Commercial Door Repair Company in Ontario Canada

    Ontario Door Repair offers its customers a full range of repair, fabrication, fire rating, and consultancy services.

    Our professionally trained field technicians … Commercial Fire Doors repair

    • Install and repair commercial doors.
    • Install and repair commercial locks.
    • Install and repair commercial framing.
    • Install and repair commercial grade glass.

    Our professional craftsmen …

    • Fabricate doors to customer specifications;
    • Fabricate frames to customer specifications.

    We provide custom fabrication for …

    • Closer and dual acting door reinforcements,
    • Standard and modified hinge locations,
    • Standard and modified strike locations,
    • Dead bolts, through bolts, and flush bolts,
    • Door lites, sidelights, and borrowed lites,
    • Weld in frame anchors and door astragals,
    • Any for other project requirements.

    Fire rating is yet another service of value to our customers.

    • Rate steel and wood doors from 20-90 minutes;
    • Rate steel frames from 20-90 minutes;
    • Rate commercial grade glass 20-90 minutes.

    Our professional consulting services are based on …

    • 20 years of experience in the building industry;
    • Design quality that is efficient and cost effective;
    • Ensuring safety standards are always met;
    • Assisting project management within our specialty.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by calling or faxing any of the above numbers or by e-mail to

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    Commercial Door Repair & Replacement

    Commercial Door Repair & Replacement

    • Commercial Aluminum Doors Repair
    • Commercial Automatic Doors Repair
    • Commercial Door Hardware
    • Commercial Glass Doors Repair
    • Commercial Steel Doors Repair

    Door Repair

    • Aluminum Door Repair
    • Apartment Door Repair
    • Commercial Door Repair
    • Commercial Entry Door Repair
    • Fire Rated Doors
    • Fire exit doors
    • Pivot Door Repairs
    • Residential Door Repair
    • Glass Door Repair
    • Storefront Door Repair
    • Patio & Sliding Door Repair
    • Door Hardware
    • Emergency Door Repair
    • Boarding Up

    Security System

    • Automatic Door Operators Repair / Installation
    • Access Control Installation
    • Electric Strike Repair / Installation
    • Magnetic Locks Repair / Installation
    • Access Control Repair / Installation
    • Push Button & Door Opener

    Door Parts

    • Door Closers
    • Panic Devices
    • Magnetic Lock
    • Deadbolt and Door Locks