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Barrie Break In Repairs


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    Door & Frame Repairs 24 Hour call 647-951-3510 If you’ve had a break-in

    Barrie Break In Repairs
    Barrie Break In Repairs

    Barrie Break In Repairs, we absolutely reject the popular notion that says: “If they really want to get in, then you can’t stop them”. We offer a range of effective solutions to improve the security of your property, including lock changes, re-keying and burglary lock repairs in Barrie, Ontario.

    We understand that a break in can be a very stressful experience for many, and it can be hard to know what to do in the immediate aftermath, but it’s important to take the necessary steps to secure your property and report the crime if your house has been broken into.

    In this order, you need to:

    1. Call the Police to report it. Call 911 and report it. This is what they’re there for.
    2. Clear the property of any possibly remaining intruders. Ladies, elderly, or vulnerable people, we advise you to wait for the police to do this. Fighting age men, get stuck right in, and don’t forget the “reasonable force” legal doctrine, although it may be different in your jurisdiction.
    3. Secure the property

    Securing the Property

    The 1st 2 steps are yours to complete, but we take care of the third. The average break-in job for us could involve the temporary repair of a door, the fitting of a metal door wrap plate, new lock installation, a frame patch up, and a change of any keys that have been stolen. We conduct emergency break in repairs quickly, efficiently and without fuss. Our on-site service locksmiths can also advise further as to what will absolutely prevent break-ins from happening again in the future. We believe that careful application and installation of proper security measures and hardware can eliminate the risk of burglary to virtually zero. Our results support this statement.

    Door Frame Repair
    door frame repair

    We can assist with:

    • Emergency lock repair in Barrie
    • 24/7 Door repairs in Barrie
    • Frame repairs in Barrie
    • New locks installed
    • Blocker plates
    • Door and frame re-enforcing
    • Locks changed Barrie
    • Remote reprogramming

    Common Methods of Break-In


    This is by far the most common method of break-in that we see here in Barrie, Ontario. In 9 out of 10 break-ins that we see, the door has been kicked or forced open with a pry bar or SWAT universal key.


    Preventing Your Door from Being Forced

    We recommend the reinforcing of frames and doors as part of any security upgrade or deadlock installation. This is not as complicated or as costly as you might think.

    Door Re-Enforcement

    A metal shroud that squeezes the door around the lock will help prevent the door from coming apart. Here are some examples of metal door wraps for doors with deadbolt type arrangements, although they’re available for nearly all doors and lock configurations:


    Frame Re-Enforcement

    We also recommend the installation of a door sized steel strip with deep penetrating screws along the length of your frame. This will prevent the striker plate from coming off and stop the frame from splitting. This is known as a Barrie bar door reinforcer, or a Kick Stop on the lock’s side, and a Birmingham bar should be installed on the hinge side also.


    Barrie Break In Repairs, Emergency Door Repair Barrie, Break In Repairs Barrie, Door & Frame Repair 24 Hour call 647-951-3510 If you’ve had a break-in


    Barrie Break In Repairs, We deliver prompt and quality door break in repair service for more than 25 years for customers all over GTA Barrie.

    We are experts at repairing break-in damage and delivering you with peace of mind.

    After a break-in has occurred, it’s important to not just repair and fix the point of forced entry, but you also need to increase the security by reinforcing the areas that are vulnerable to avoid repeated break-in incident or attempt of it. Barrie Break In Repairs

    Usually most contractors or handyman simply repair or replace your damaged door or door jambs using the usual ineffective products, letting the entry point vulnerable for future break-ins.

    We use superior quality products which will both repair and reinforce the door and door entry. In many cases, our solutions can enhance your existing, damaged doors and door frames, saving you the cost of replacing the doors. Please feel free to call us now on 647-866-0956


    Barrie Break In Repairs, uses traditional & latest timber joinery techniques to beautifully craft a unique custom designed doors call us to ask about our fantastic range of products and how we can help you design your dream.

    We use only the best quality products and have more than 25 years of experience in carpentry.


    If you are planning to build or renovate your home, please don’t settle for ordinary! When it comes to custom timber doors in GTA Barrie, we are your first choice and should always be.

    If you want to build something special in custom doors contact Ontario Door Repair we can manufacture any door of your choice.

    Emergency Barrie Break in Repair – Barrie Door Repair

    We Serving the GTA Ontario area:

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    Best Barrie Front Door Services

    Your front door is the face of your house. That means that it must always be in top shape no matter what. There are times you may need to either repair it or replace it. That’s where we come in. No matter where you live in Barrie, you can order our Front Door Repairs by calling us anytime 24/7. Our emergency number is (647) 866 0956. Here are some of our top Barrie Door Repairs and Replacement product and services.

    Front Hung Doors

    Hung doors are the most common type of front doors for homes, which means you possibly have one at your house. Even though hung doors have few parts exposed to wear and tear, they need servicing as often as other kinds of doors. We provide front hung doors repairs and replacement services that include:

    • New front door installations
    • Front door repairs Barrie
    • Remodelling
    • Front door replacement Barrie
    • Locks, handles, and hinge replacement

    24hr Hotline: 647-866-0956

    Front Sliding Doors Barrie

    Sliding doors are most common with commercial buildings. However, they can be installed at home as well. Whether you need them at home or in your commercial premises, we are the people to call. We can do a simple and inexpensive slide door installation or repair to a complex sliding door installation. It all depends on the design and complexity you want.

    We make sure that whatever is locked inside is secure by making sure your sliding door locks as it is supposed to. If you have older sliding front doors with glass and you need to give your front entrance a nice modern look, we are the people for the job. Just give us a call at 647-866-0956 and we’ll get to work. Our front door services include:

    • New sliding door installation
    • Sliding door repairs
    • Remodelling
    • Sliding door replacements
    • Replacement and servicing of Rollers, runners, handles, lock, and hinges

    24hr Hotline: 647-866-0956

    Bi-fold Front Doors Barrie

    These are great for opening up big spaces and letting in natural light and fresh air. You can order for aluminum or wooden options depending on what you prefer as well as your current decor. If you need to open up your work area, then call us and we’ll install the bi-fold front door for you. If you already have it installed and all they need is just some repairs or TLC, we are here to help. We have qualified and skilled technicians that can do any bi-fold front door repair or installation perfectly. Our bi-fold front entry doors services in Barrie include:

    • New bi-fold door installation
    • Bi-fold door repairs
    • Remodelling
    • Locks, handles, and hinges
    • Bi-fold door replacement


    French Doors Barrie

    These are meant to bolster your lifestyle by making the outer look of your premises as beautiful as the inside with this front door designs. They can be sliding or hinged. We know that and that is why we offer the best French door repair services as well as installations in Barrie. If you need any repairs, servicing, or new installation of your French door, then call us on this number 647-866-0956. We’re ready to offer you a professional service 24/7.

    A professionally installed beautiful front doors will portray the right image to your business customers and partners. That‘s why we believe that you only need the best interior or exterior front door repair services in Barrie. Call us now on 647-866-0956 and you’ll get instant help.


    Barrie Door Frame Repair – Break In Repairs Barrie

    Door & Frame Repairs 24 Hour call 647-951-3510 If you’ve had a break-in

    Break In Repair
    Break In Repair