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How Fire Door Specialists Uphold The Safety Of Fire Rated Doors

Fires can be devastating to property and life. Thus, it is important that buildings can protect people from the sudden spread of fire. Home fires are even more deadly nowadays than before. With the proliferation of electronic gadgets and more synthetic materials being used in building structures, our homes are more susceptible to fires. This is what fire door specialists emphasized. Homes have been using rugs, fiber pillows, curtains and have cushioned sofas which differ from what the homes of long ago had been using such as cotton or feathers. Hence, when a fire starts, burning is faster and hotter than ever.

This makes spread of fire a problem and the installation of a fire rated door in strategic places would somehow give assurance that there’s a way to escape the area once a fire ensues.

Doors that are able to withstand burning for a certain period are essential.

This will have different ratings but for smaller areas, the rating can be as low as 20 to 30 minutes. The larger the area to protect, the higher the rating should be. There are fire ratings that are as high as 120 minutes. That would give people ample time to seek egress. For residential areas that are occupied with many people like condominiums, there has to be regular inspection by fire door specialists to any fire rated door. Also, each floor should have an installation of these doors because people should be able to seek safety whenever they are threatened by a fire inside the structure.


Have you noticed that many homes are made of engineered timber?

They are materials that are present in many residential structures. Due to the nature of engineered timber, the primary challenge of being devoured by fire quickly is high compared to materials that are non-combustible. It is not impossible to experience a catastrophic fire when some parts of these structures are made of timber. However, not all types of timber would burn fast as it would also depend on the size of the materials. Understandably, thinner frames would combust faster than thick frames.

Inspecting these doors can take some time.

These are also inspected in less than a year because they can experience failures and would not be reliable in case of fire if they are not maintained properly. The inspection should be signed by a certified inspector and should be kept for reference so that the subsequent inspections will have a basis on what particular areas to carefully check as the failure can recur.


It is also a rule that is imposed by life safety and fire codes that these doors should have functioning door leafs, hardware and closing mechanisms. If they are not installed properly such as that they become damaged, replacement of these parts should also be similar fire-proof components that are supplied by certified sellers of these parts. There should be no delay in making repairs so that defects can be corrected at once, even if daily operation would be interfered.


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