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Broken Sliding Door Toronto

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Broken Sliding Door Toronto – Sliding door just won’t budgeBroken Sliding Door Toronto

I am sure that somewhere along the line we have all been somewhere with a sliding door that we expected to glide, but it would not move easily. It can be very frustrating for someone who has limited ability or is elderly. Many of the homes for the elderly have large sliding doors for access. This however isn’t ideal when they don’t move very well.


Wheelchair Access

At the time these homes were built the main thought, I suspect, was the wider the better in terms of access. Being the father of a wheelchair bound daughter I can see the huge benefit it presents to have a wide doorway.

Many areas close to the beach, which is an attractive area in this part of the world for retirement homes, have the extra issue of salt air corroding the components. It is not an easy prospect to fix them when they are full of rust.


Lock won’t lock properly

The other thing that goes along with wear and tear is over time the locks get sloppy. Either the key won’t turn easily or the latch just isn’t catching anymore. Sometimes on a swing security door the handle hangs down and won’t allow locking without a lot of juggling. These are things which can be fixed for a small outlay. Many people put this off as being too hard to do and put up with the endless frustration.


New doors

These days many homes are built with doors that have better runners, which no doubt in time will also have issues. Many things these days are not made as well as ‘the old days’. Generally, however on the surface they do tend to feel stronger and seem to slide more easily. This was necessary as many of the new square set homes have higher ceilings, doors and windows which open right up to enable us to take advantage of the alfresco style of living which we all enjoy.



Unfortunately many doors are in a place where they face a lot of weather and abuse and a lot of people these days are not as fastidious about cleaning as older generations. They simply don’t have the time. One common problem is dirt, sand and grit fall into the tracking and clog up the running wheels, which often cause the doors to jump off of the tracks. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the track alone can help a lot.


Door Repair Toronto repairs sliding doors, glass doors, security doors, shower screen doors or timber sliding doors. If you need help to fix these problems or have parts sent out, Broken Sliding Door Toronto is happy to help and only an email away.

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