Commercial Garage Springs North York

Commercial Garage Springs North York

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Commercial Garage Springs North York Commercial Garage Springs North York

The major, and the most dangerous component of the overhead door is the garage door spring – (or springs depending on the design), which supports the entire weight of the door panels (sometimes over 400 pounds) and helps you to lift / lower the entire door assembly. I have personally installed 3 overhead garage doors with 2 different types of springs, and you do have to trust me on that – garage door springs are under enormous pressure and you can get seriously injured or even killed when performing such work.

If you decide to take your chances – it is imperative that you follow instructions to the last detail! Even if you have a friend or a professional doing it for you, read it and check everything after the installer finishes the job. The garage overhead doors have no safety brakes (at least I haven’t heard about any), that would prevent it from falling down when the supporting spring fails. I’ve found some Canadian patents for such devices, but apparently none of them were ever implemented into an actual garage door.


There are basically two types of the garage door spring systems utilizing tracks / side rails (at least these are the most common types in North York and probably the rest of Ontario):

  1. Garage door torsion spring(s) which are wound-up on a rod above the garage door opening top section (door header)
  2. Garage door extension springs that are attached on either side of the door and stretch along the horizontal part of the track when the door is closed


You might also have an old, one piece door that swings outward as it goes up and overhead. This particular design will have springs mounted on the sides of the door opening – at about your waist height, secured to a lever bracket system that extends the springs toward the ceiling at the door closing. It is an old and extremely dangerous system, not manufactured anymore. If you have such a system in the garage, I’d highly recommend replacing it.

Garage door torsion springs – there are either single or double spring designs. The spring will usually break while under the maximum stress which is when the overhead garage door closes / travels down, or it is already completely closed (USUALLY). If you’re closing it manually and it happens during this operation, don’t try to prevent it from crushing down, let it go … well, unless your foot is where the door will slam!


Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs break, it’s reality, but knowing how to fix it can be the most important detail of all. Using the appropriate tools and the correct safety precautions can help you repair your garage door efficiently, however replacing springs can be a long process and dangerous if not done right.


Safety is always the most important detail when doing any home or commercial repair.

When replacing a spring it’s important to understand that the spring is still under pressure and failure to use the proper cautionary tips could result in severe injuries or worse. If there are any doubts to your own abilities call a professional. When beginning the process of replacing the springs it’s important to gather the necessary tools, including a sturdy ladder, ruler and file, wrenches, and vise grips. Getting the initial parts for spring repair may be the most frustrating parts. Many of the suppliers of springs won’t sell general products to regular homeowners as they find it’s more profitable to sell it only to tradesmen.


For Mounted springs raising the garage door off the ground as far is it will go allows the tensions to be taken off the spring, after this occurs the garage must be clamped in that position. Torsion springs must be in the down position before replacing spring. Use the emergency pull rope to help lift the garage door.

Mounted springs may have safety cables and must be disconnected before moving forward. Mounted springs are connected at two points on the garage door, one is connected to the garage door track and the other is connected to the pulley where the garage door cable runs. These two springs must be taken off and replaced by the new springs in the same place. Torsion springs are usually the most dangerous to repair and it is highly recommended to wear eye protection and gloves.


The torsion spring replacement must be in the down position.

Make sure a clamp is in place and the door secured tightly, failure to clamp the door completely shut could have devastating safety consequences. The spring is attached to the adjustment collar; a rod must be inserted into the adjustment collar for the purpose of tightening and loosening the spring. Springs must be adjusted at the same rate to assure an equal level of tightening or loosening. Turning the collar in different directions will affect the strength of the force opening the springs.

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