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Don Mills Wooden Door Repair, Closet doors are very different than standard interior doors. They have a wide range of options, each impacting a room in a very different way. For some, a closet is used purely to store items the homeowner does not want to look at every day.

These doors do not need to make a statement, but rather only serve the function of hiding the contents in the closet. In these situations, a molded panel sliding door is the best solution due to its ability to incorporate the overall decor of the home without drawing extra attention to itself.

For some, a closet door can be a great way to incorporate a mirror into a room without having to attach a mirror to a wall.

For those homeowners, single or double sided mirrored closet doors becomes a great asset. While a single sided mirrored closet door is great when getting dressed, a double sided mirror door can be of greater benefit if two people will be dressing at the same time.


Besides swinging doors, many homeowners find themselves with larger closets, requiring either a sliding closet door system or folding system.

A sliding system, known as bypass doors in the door industry, can come with either mirrors or no mirrors. In rooms where space may be lacking, sliding closet doors are a wonderful option due to the fact they do not swing into the room.

Therefore, furniture and other items can be placed right next to them without interfering with their ability to function. The disadvantage with sliding closet doors, however, is the ability to only have access to half of the closet at a time.

Some closet organizers or storage systems cannot function properly with sliding or bypass closet doors. In those cases, folding doors, known as bifold closet doors in the door industry, become a wonderful solution.

Bifold closet doors, like bypass doors, can come with either mirrors or no mirrors.

The main advantage of bifold doors is the complete access into a closet due to the ability for them to swing into a room. However, due to the folding action, furniture and other items need to be arranged in a room to allow clearance.

Also, when having small children, some families prefer not to have bifold closet doors in order to ensure their children do not pinch their fingers in between the panels.

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