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    Door And Handle Repair Ontario

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    Door And Handle Repair Ontario, Door locks are available in different sizes and shapes. The location is what determines the type to fix.

    There are two lever and three lever locks. For external doors the type used is stronger Door And Handle Repair Ontario than one used for internal doors. The internal ones use two lever and the external ones use three lever or more.

    When damaged or broken due to use or mishandling its important to check the type used. The location and availability will determine whether to repair or replace the locks.

    Before commencing the work of fixing the lock and handle ensure the replacement is available.

    Also check whether all the required tools for the work are at home. This include screw drivers, chisels, a hammer and small hand saw. Commence by unscrewing off the handles on both sides of the door. Remove the spindle that runs from the outer side to the other side of door. Check the lock slot for any debris inside. This may affect the locking mechanism of the lock.

    Once the spindle is out, unscrew the plate that fastens the door lock into the slot.

    Then slide off the malfunctioning one out. Pick the new one and slide into the same slot and screw back into the door.

    Ensure the screw holes are plugged for the fixing back to be firm since the initial holes will not be as tight. Replace the spindle ensuring it is balanced for the handles to be able to turn the levers inside the lock mechanism from both sides. Fasten back the handles and as before plug the screw holes to get a firm fix.

    After ensuring the door lock and handles are secured firmly secure, close the door.

    Turn on the lock to open it. Feel the way it opens and closes. Pick the keys provided and lock into place on the door frame so that confirmation is done that the lock leveled the same with the frame part. Pick a clean clothe with spirit and wipe off any oil marks and to keep the handles clean. The door is now in a lockable state. Oil the hinges to stop any squeaks.

    Door Locks Replacement Toronto

    Many people do not think about changing their door locks unless something happens that causes it to be an emergency.

    However, everything in the world has a lifespan when it is considered good and then it will deteriorate and your door locks are no exception.  The average person can not tell for certain when it is time to change those door locks and replace them with new ones. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to call a locksmith for your lock changing needs. A locksmith will be able to tell right away if it’s time to change the locks on your home or business doors.

    If your door locks are left past their prime then you are placing the security of your home or business at stake. A faulty door lock will make it much easier for a thief to break into your home or business.  A locksmith can not only tell you if your locks are faulty, but can steer you towards a lock system that will be the most secure for your family or employees. Sometimes a faulty lock can be repaired but most often it will need to be replaced.

    Local Locksmith Company in Toronto

    While the locksmith is changing your locks, he can re key the remaining locks so that one key will open all of the doors. This is great with a home so that you do not have many keys to keep up with. For a business the locksmith can make keys that cannot be duplicated.

    If you plan to give employees keys to your business this will ensure no one takes them and makes copies. Chances are you will not know when the time comes to replace your door locks. So if you have had them a while, call your valued locksmith and have him come and check them out. He will keep your security as his number one priority.

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