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    Door Repair Near Me Toronto

    24 Hour On Call Commercial – Residential Door And Automatic Handicap Service/Repair. Same Day Service! DOOR REPAIR

    Door Repair Near Me Toronto. If you do not want to buy a new door for a lot of money, then we recommend the door repair.

    Door repair instead of demolition because a worn door can cover a repairable interior structure. There are plenty of arguments in favour of door repair. Installing a new door can be very costly, not to mention the inconvenience caused by demolition, so ask our specialists for help repairing a door in Toronto 24/7, every day of the week.

    If your door is no longer beautiful and doesn’t work well, it won’t protect your family properly either. We repair all types of doors, entrance doors, interior or balcony doors, Commercial Door, Sliding Door and Glass door with fast and precise work throughout Toronto. 

    Door repair near me Toronto may be required at any time if the lock is broken, if the door does not close or snaps, the door is deformed, not insulated, the tilt-opening structure is defective. Door repairs are performed by professionals with extensive experience and expertise. 

    How we do the work you ordered. Usually on site. If the door hangs, it is difficult to close, it hits the floor then we recommend repairing the door.

    OUR DOOR REPAIR SERVICES: Door Repair Toronto

    • change of direction of rotation
    • replacement of factory door hardware with a safer
    • hardware repair
    • lock Change
    • repair door repair
    • post-burglary door repair



    Door repair post-burglary door repair Near Me Toronto and its catchment area. Fast, precise work from reliable professionals. Door repair as a matter of urgency, door repair with immediate disembarkation, door burglary recovery. We will repair and repair damaged, non-functioning doors. We also undertake the repair of wooden and metal doors. During post-burglary recovery, the primary task is to repair the door to prevent additional unauthorized persons from entering your home. During the repair of the emergency door, we first repair the lock ability of the door, and then carry out the complete repair and renovation of the door. Call our customer service in Toronto for door repair near me.


    Interior door repair in Toronto. Repair of interior doors with warranty and short deadline. We undertake the repair and renovation of interior doors with a short deadline. We guarantee the repair of all doors. We also undertake interior door repairs in the case of squeaky, aesthetically damaged doors that are difficult or impossible to close at all. Replacing an interior door usually involves great upheaval, inconvenience, and dirt. By repairing the interior door, you can often avoid replacing the interior door. In addition, the cost of repairing the door is lower than replacing the interior door.


    The prices of exterior doors that provide adequate security are quite high, to which are added the costs of even door replacement and painting. The cost of repairing a door is significantly cheaper than replacing it. In addition, with the right repair of the door, the same safety can be achieved as with newer doors. We also undertake the repair of difficult-to-close, difficult-to-open, deformed doors. In addition, we undertake door repairs and re adjustments for wooden and plastic doors. If it is necessary to repair the lock or replace the  lock or to install the  lock , a secondary  lock can be installed during the door repair.


    Unfortunately, the door is often damaged during a burglary, so immediate door repair is required. We undertake wooden and plastic doors after burglary door repair with immediate disembarkation non-stop, every day of the year on weekends and holidays as well.


    Repairing a wooden door is no small challenge because a damaged, deformed wooden door is difficult to repair, and repair requires a lot of expertise and a skilled hand. Our door repair masters strengthen the tensioned door, even by installing fittings, and make it lockable again. During the repair of the door, we can even install a new lock, if necessary, we also undertake to install a second lock.


    It is very difficult to repair the plastic door, because the traces of damage and tensioning cannot be completely removed in all cases. However, not everyone can afford to change the door, so even when repairing a plastic door, the primary goal is to make the door lockable again. Traces of damage can be nicely removed with covers and other solutions, the plastic door can be repaired.


    It is virtually impossible to tension a metal security door with conventional tensioning methods. During our 20 years of operation, we have only encountered the opening of 2 security doors, however, in both cases the intrusion took serious work.
    It is common for unauthorized attempts to open a metal security door, but in most cases, attempts are soon stopped. Our locksmith masters, who install locks, can remove the traces of such tensioning attempts beautifully and quickly, and they can quickly restore the aesthetic texture of the door.


    Door opening in Toronto 24 hours a day within 30 minutes. It is worth entrusting the door opening to a specialist so that we can get into our apartment with the least possible damage. Our specialists in Toronto carry out the door opening with appropriate experience, expertise and tools. In all cases, we do a non-destructive door opening, in the worst case only the lock can be damaged during the door opening. As security is very important, the client must always prove that he owns the property.

    In many cases, opening a door may be necessary, just to name a few:

    • if we left the house key
    • the key broke
    • we excluded ourselves
    • our minor child locked himself in and locked us out of the apartment
    • if the lock fails

    We undertake to open and lock all kinds of doors in Toronto. Be it a traditional or a modern lock, a door. Every door opening requires a different technique, but our specialists are prepared for everything, so you are guaranteed to get into your apartment or house.

    Patio & Sliding Door Repair Toronto

    Repair and insulation of entrance doors, balcony doors, interior doors in Toronto

    When is a door repair needed?

    How can the door be repaired?

    •  The defective lock must be replaced, together with the damaged parts.
    • The door corners and hinges must be adjusted and replaced if necessary.
    • The door insulation must be replaced and retrofitted.
    • The tilt-and-turn structure of the door must be repaired and, if necessary, replaced.
    • We can make the doors safer with retrofits, new hinges and locking devices.

    The Ontario Door and Window also undertakes the repair of entrance doors with a short deadline.


    Ontario Door Repair is your Door Window Doctor 20 years of experience, at your disposal at fair, reliable prices!

    Door Repair Near Me Toronto Servicing offers external door repair & locksmith services for your home or business. Whether you have a front door, back door or patio door in need of repair, our team of highly skilled fitters are able to carry out essential door repairs quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

    If you’re looking for a professional company to fix your door lock, mend your door frame or even install a cat flap, Ontario Door Repair Servicing can help.

    Here is an overview of door repair services that we can offer you; Toronto Door Installation

    • Front door repairs
    • Back door repairs
    • Toe & heel doors
    • Door restoration: remove marks, scratches or holes
    • Door lock repairs: for lost/stolen keys
    • Supply & fit door hardware (letterboxes, knockers etc.)
    • Door frame repairs
    • Fix & repair holes in doors
    • Pet access: dog & cat flap installation

    We also specialists in carrying out sliding patio door repairs. here are some the repairs we are able to do;

    • Replace sliding door rollers
    • Replace sliding door track
    • Fit new sliding door handles
    • Fit new patio door locks

    Emergency Boarding Up

     * 30Min Emergency Boarding up 

     * Temporary Doors  

     * Make Safe Door and Window 

    * Burglary Repairs

     * Safety Film 

     * Shop Fronts Make Safe

    * Removing Broken Glass From Site 

     * Marine Ply Boards

    Temporary doors

    you had your glass shop door smashed  or your wooden front door and you need access for few days till you get it replaced  here at Ontario Doors and glazing we do emergency 24/7   temporary doors.

    Have your door been kick in during a burglary? Do you have broken doors that need replacing or boarding up? had your glass shop door smashed or your wooden front door and you need access for few days till you get it replaced here at OntarioDoors and glazing we do temporary doors. In case we do not have the correct size or kind of glass with us, our glaziers will clean up the debris and provide temporary boarding before returning to the depot. With a wide range of glass to select from, we can return to the property and install the perfect replacement.

    • Generally, 10 -12 mm sterling boards are used but marine 18 mm Ply board complete with Anti-Bandit screws can be requested.
    • Safety filming available as an alternative to timber boards for commercial contracts
    • Temporary doors with safety lock for domestic and commercial properties can be fitted on site.

    boarding up broken window

    Boarding up Services:

    We provide 24 hour boarding and a making safe service. All types of Boarding up undertaken from small windows to entire buildings.No damage to existing frame work. Emergency service at no extra cost, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Have you been a victim of burglary or vandalism?

    Broken windows pose a safety and security risk for your home and family, so it’s important to get any damaged glazing seen to as soon as possible. You may have had a break-in, in which case our engineers can help you to secure your home whilst also preventing contamination of the scene. For accidental breakages or ongoing problems which have become a security issue, we have a comprehensive range of solutions, from temporary repairs to full glazing replacements.

    30-60 MIN Emergency Boarding up:

    We understand that accidents and disasters can happen at any time. Therefore, our 24 hour glaziers can assist you around the clock, 7 days a week so that when you have a problem, you can get it fixed no matter what time it is.


    Door Repair Near Me Toronto

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