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    East York Interior Door Repair

    East York Interior Door Repair Having trouble selling your home? New Doors Can Sell Your Home

    To sell your home in the housing market that exists today, you need to do more than merely putting up a “for sale” sign. Low cost, simple improvements that add visual impact and value to your home can be just the ticket for closing the sale.

    Items often quoted to accomplish these goals include: painting, landscaping, moldings, kitchen or bath remodels, and replacing windows and doors.

    The simplicity of changing doors…

    Interior doors are often found somewhere on these value-adding lists, but until now, have never received equal endorsement. Installing interior doors requires precision; the door must not appear crooked, and must close correctly. In the past, this process could take hours per door; hanging a door correctly was widely considered solely a measure of good carpentry skills. Having to hire a professional carpenter reduces the cost effectiveness of this improvement when trying to fix up your home for a sale.

    Today, installing new interior doors can now be placed at the top of the list of home improvement projects that are low cost and simple, yet yield a 106% return of investment (2008-09 National Averages Remodeling Magazine). Interior doors are now being installed with the same precision without the skills of a carpenter.

    New technology allows your existing doorways to be measured with a high level of accuracy and new doors milled to fit those exact dimensions, thus fitting your doorways virtually perfectly. The new doors are installed with ease, at a price that is cost effective for increasing the value of your home and giving it more visual appeal.

    The look of new doors

    Now potential buyers can see a difference in every room. They will feel the difference of doors that shut correctly and look beautiful. Most homes are constructed with hollow core doors that do not stop sound and have a light, flimsy feel.

    Choosing to change to solid core doors will block sound and give your doors a study feel that will impress.

    Upgrading your hardware to match your decor can add elegance and style to your home. Combined with professional painting applied prior to installation, you now have the simplest and most effective home improvement to help sell your home.


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