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Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge


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    Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge

    Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge is the access control expert you can trust to install and program residential and commercial systems in Uxbridge. Keeping your property safe and secure is our area of expertise.

    No matter which type of access control infrastructure you choose, we’re the licensed professionals who meticulously install, repair, and reprogram electronic access points of many different styles.

    Reach out to us by phoning 647-951-3510 for affordable solutions and impeccable service for all electric strike installations..

    Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge in Uxbridge provides professional electric strike installation & repair services.

    An electric strike is an electronic locking device that works with the help of electric power. It is commonly used along with different types of locksets or other access control systems such as card readers, remote fob key, buzzer or biometric enabled devices. When these devices are used, the action interrupts the flow of electric current and helps to unlock the door without needing to intervene manually to operate the door.

    Electric strike provides improved level of security, ultimate level of access control as well as convenience. Considering so many benefits, it is easy to understand why electric strike door locks enjoy immense popularity among home and business owners.

    In addition, you can easily integrate electric strikes with other access control devices to add extra layers of security for your property. These locking devices are available in different configurations and this versatility makes them a right fit for many types of doors and door frames, and mechanical locksets including mortise locks, cylindrical locks and exit hardware.

    Depending on the use, electric strike locks are available in either compact, low profile models or traditional electric strike locks meant for heavy duty applications. Depending on the mode of operation, electric strikes are available in fail-safe (that gets unlocked in the absence of power) and fail-secure (that remains locked even during the power outage) modes. While fail-secure electric strikes help to keep a check on unauthorized access, combining it with a mechanical lockset or panic bars gives the best result. This combination makes sure that people inside of the door can make a safe exit during any emergency situation.

    Electric strikes installation in Uxbridge

    When it comes to electric strike installation, the actual process starts with choosing the right model for the right door. In fact, there are many prerequisites that need to be taken into account to get the best returns such as considering the type of door, latch and associated hardware, depth of the cavity to accommodate the lock, dimension of the door jamb and plate. You have to assess whether you want to install a fail-safe electric strike or a fail-secure electric strike.

    Not to forget that installing an electric strike, be it a compact one or a traditional type, always requires a significant amount of preparation and modification to the door that may involve drilling holes. That’s why you should hire a professional and experienced installer who understands the typical requirements and underlying complications involved in the electric strike installation, powering and repairing.

    Call Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge. Our technicians will assist you in the overall process of selecting the right electric strike according to your requirements, Call Ontario Door Repair. 647-951-3510.

    Why us?

    • Licensed and insured technicians

    • Install all types of standalone and integrated access control devices installation.

    • Professional and affordable electric strike installation, repair and maintenance services in Uxbridge.

    • Experienced, skilled and trained technicians with in-depth understanding of how electric strikes work and the challenges related to installing and powering the electric strikes.

    • Stock high quality electric strikes from known manufacturers.

    • Experts in providing a range of electronic and digital access control solutions – magnetic locks, high security locks, keyless deadbolts, digital keypad, RFID, biometric locks, master key systems, buzzers, card readers for homes and offices.


    With an abundance of access control security technologies out there, how do you know which is the right setup for your home or business? What may seem like a great system may not scale to meet your future goals or could malfunction with frequent use, so it’s imperative to plan ahead when making an upfront investment in a security system.

    When you consult with our industry experts, we take the time to understand your needs and align you with a door access system that is perfect for it’s intended purpose— keeping you and your property safe, comfortable, and secure.


    We work quickly and with great skill to provide you with flawless access control system installations because we take our responsibility for your protection very seriously. To that end, when we’ve finished any installation, we inspect the system in its entirety, making sure it meets your high expectations.

    Some of the types of door access controls we have installed recently include:

    • Key card door entry systems

    • Biometric readers

    • Badge readers

    • Keypads

    • Key switches

    • Residential gate access control systems

    • And more!

    Contact our team at Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge to inquire about the different types of access control systems available to you. We’re confident you’ll love our value-driven pricing.

    Electric Strike Repair / Installation


    Leave stress and hassle at the door when you allow our certified technicians to take care of programming access control keypads. Once the controls have been modified to suit your needs, we’ll walk you through the instructions for use, making sure you are confident in your ability to train your employees.

    Of course, if you run into any trouble or would like clarification, we’re always only one phone call away—no matter what time of day or night it is.


    Gain peace of mind when you partner with the city’s top-rated commercial access control systems pros. If you are thinking about upgrading the security features on your commercial property, we urge you to consult with an expert to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

    This way, you can focus on the business at hand, and we’ll provide you with the high-quality building access control you need to pursue growth and continued success.

    Electronic Access Control Systems for your Uxbridge Business Uxbridge Access Controls Service

    Electrifying an entry for better access control, credential management and key elimination can be accomplished a number of ways. Electric strikes, when used in conjunction with a card reader and connected to an integrated access control panel or a standalone controller, let you gain all the advantages of credential managed entry for a higher level of building security.

    Alternatively, you can control an electric strike directly using an entry buzzer as a simple means of traffic control. Since electric strikes are installed on the door frame they can be used with many door and lock types in both retrofit and new construction markets.


    When it comes to your business, safety is key.

    That is why Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge specializes in the replacement, installation, and repair of locks for our commercial customers. We get that you need to protect your assets, which is why we strive to provide the most professional services and most reliable parts for you. From security locks to electronic access, we ensure your valuable investments are kept safe. We help businesses in Uxbridge, and we provide a range of services, including:

    • Electronic access control systems Uxbridge Automatic Door Opener Installation

    • Safe repair and opening

    • Lock repair

    • Master key

    • Lock rekeying

    • High-security locks

    • Lock replacement

    • New lock installation

    Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge offers a variety of commercial services. Whether you are looking for standard rekeying of existing locks or master-keying an entire office complex or building utilizing a high security system, we have you covered. We also offer office safes sales as well as service and installation for most major manufacturers. Looking for secure access solutions? The technicians at Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge can design a system to fit your needs, including magnetic locks, electric strikes with PIN, proximity card, or key fob access. With Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge, your commercial needs are our business.


    Electric Strike Installation Uxbridge is the local access control professional that is available to serve you better in Uxbridge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re licensed to install all electric strike types and specialize in providing quick resolutions and exceptional quality craftsmanship.

    Connect with us by calling 647-951-3510 to request a comprehensive estimate.