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Expert Door Repair and Replacement Services in Toronto


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  • Expert Door Repair and Replacement Services in Toronto

    Expert Door Repair and Replacement Services in Toronto

    We offer guaranteed same-day 24-hour commercial & residential door repair and installation service

    Expert Door Repair and Replacement Services in Toronto, Are you facing issues with your exterior doors? Looking for a reliable and experienced door repair and replacement service in Toronto? Look no further than Ontario Door Repair! We are your one-stop solution for all your door-related needs, providing top-notch services to homeowners across Toronto.

    Why Choose Ontario Door Repair?

    1. Trusted Professionals: At Ontario Door Repair, we take pride in our team of skilled and experienced professionals. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and have the expertise to handle any door repair or replacement project efficiently.
    2. Comprehensive Services: Whether you need a minor repair or a complete front door replacement after a break-in, we have got you covered. Our wide range of services includes exterior door repairs, frame replacements, weatherstripping, hardware upgrades, and more.
    3. High-Quality Products: We understand the importance of durable and secure doors for your home. That’s why we only use high-quality materials and products from trusted suppliers to ensure your doors stand the test of time.
    4. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with our clients, listening to their needs, and offering personalized solutions that fit their preferences and budget.
    5. Quick and Efficient: We value your time and strive to complete projects in a timely manner without compromising on quality. Our team is dedicated to delivering quick and efficient door repair and replacement services.
    6. Emergency Services: We understand that door issues can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we offer emergency door repair services to provide you with peace of mind during urgent situations.
    7. Competitive Pricing: At Ontario Door Repair, we believe that quality door services should be accessible to all. Our services are competitively priced, and we offer transparent quotes with no hidden fees.

    Your Trusted Door Repair Partner in Toronto

    At Ontario Door Repair, we take pride in being the go-to door repair and replacement company in Toronto. Our mission is to ensure that your home is safe, secure, and aesthetically appealing with our expert services. Whether you need to fix a damaged door frame or upgrade your front door’s security features, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

    Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

    Ready to give your doors the attention they deserve? Contact Ontario Door Repair today for a free consultation. Our team will assess your door repair or replacement needs, provide you with a detailed plan, and answer any questions you may have. With Ontario Door Repair, your home’s doors are in safe hands.

    Remember, a well-maintained door is the key to a secure and beautiful home. Trust Ontario Door Repair for all your door repair and replacement needs in Toronto.

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    Repairing Doors After a Burglary in Toronto

    Elevate Your Home’s Security and Style with Ontario Door Repair¬†

    Your front door is not just an entry point; it’s the first impression visitors get of your home and a vital component of your family’s security. If you’re considering a front door replacement, Ontario Door Repair offers the perfect blend of security, durability, and style. Discover why Ontario Door Repair is the top choice for homeowners seeking to elevate both their home’s aesthetics and safety.

    1. Unmatched Security Features: At Ontario Door Repair, we take the safety of your family seriously. Our front doors are engineered with cutting-edge security features to keep your home protected from intruders. Reinforced frames, high-quality locks, and impact-resistant materials are just a few elements that contribute to the robust security provided by Ontario Door Repair front doors. Rest easy knowing your home is safeguarded against potential threats.
    2. Durable Materials for Longevity: Investing in a front door replacement from Ontario Door Repair means investing in lasting quality. Our doors are crafted from durable materials designed to withstand the harsh elements and daily wear and tear. With minimal maintenance, your Ontario Door Repair front door will continue to look pristine and function flawlessly for years to come.
    3. Customizable Designs: We understand that every home is unique, and your front door should reflect your personal style. Ontario Door Repair offers a wide range of customizable designs, colors, and finishes to complement any architectural style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a traditional design or the sleek modern look, Ontario Door Repair has the perfect front door to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
    4. Energy Efficiency: Your front door plays a significant role in your home’s energy efficiency. Ontario Door Repair’s front doors are designed with advanced thermal insulation properties to keep your home comfortable and reduce energy consumption. With a Ontario Door Repair front door, you can enjoy lower utility bills and a more environmentally-friendly home.
    5. Professional Installation: A flawless front door replacement requires expert installation. At Ontario Door Repair, our team of skilled professionals ensures that every front door is installed with precision and care. With our seamless installation process, you can trust that your new front door will fit perfectly and provide optimal performance.

    Conclusion: A front door replacement is an investment in your home’s security, style, and energy efficiency. When choosing Ontario Door Repair for your front door needs, you can be confident in the unmatched quality, exceptional security features, and customizable designs we offer. Upgrade your home with a Ontario Door Repair front door and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and safety.

    647-951-3510 Ready to enhance your home’s security and curb appeal with a Ontario Door Repair front door replacement? Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards elevating your home. Visit to schedule an appointment with our experts.

    we can provide you with general information about exterior door frame repair and replacement. Keep in mind that the information provided here is based on general knowledge up until August 2023, and specific details may vary depending on the type of door frame and the materials used. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend consulting with a professional contractor or door repair specialist in Toronto.

    Exterior Door Frame Repair: If your exterior door frame is damaged but still structurally sound, it may be possible to repair it rather than replacing the entire frame. Common issues that can be repaired include minor rot, cracks, and dents. Here are some steps typically involved in repairing an exterior door frame:

    1. Assessment: Inspect the door frame to determine the extent of the damage and whether it can be repaired. Sometimes, minor issues can be fixed with wood filler or epoxy.
    2. Remove Damaged Sections: If the damage is more significant, you may need to remove the damaged sections of the door frame carefully. Use a chisel and a pry bar to take out the affected areas.
    3. Reinforce and Patch: Once the damaged sections are removed, reinforce the remaining frame with wood dowels or metal brackets. Then, patch any holes or gaps with wood filler or epoxy.
    4. Sand and Repaint: Sand the repaired areas to create a smooth surface. Repaint the door frame to match the existing color or consider repainting the entire frame for a uniform look.

    Exterior Door Frame Replacement: If the door frame is severely damaged or beyond repair, you’ll need to replace it. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved in replacing an exterior door frame:

    1. Measurements: Accurately measure the dimensions of the existing door frame to ensure you purchase the correct size replacement frame.
    2. Remove the Old Frame: Carefully remove the old door frame by taking out the screws and using a pry bar to detach it from the wall.
    3. Prepare the Opening: Clean the area around the opening and ensure it’s level and square. Make any necessary adjustments to the rough opening if required.
    4. Install the New Frame: Carefully install the new door frame into the rough opening. Use shims to ensure it’s level and plumb. Secure the frame in place using screws or nails.
    5. Weatherproofing: Apply weatherstripping and caulk around the edges of the frame to create a tight seal and prevent drafts and water infiltration.
    6. Install the Door: Once the frame is securely in place, install the exterior door according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    It’s important to note that exterior door frame repair or replacement can be a complex task, and it may require specialized tools and skills. If you’re not experienced with home repairs, it’s recommended to hire a professional contractor or door repair specialist in Toronto to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

    Additionally, local building codes and regulations should be followed when undertaking any home improvement project.

    Expert Door Repair and Replacement Services in Toronto, We offer guaranteed same-day commercial & residential door repair and installation.

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