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Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo


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    Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo


    Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo, Fire doors might not be the most glamorous aspect of your building, however there aren’t many things that are more important. At Ontario Door Company, we’re experts when it comes to the correct installation, repair and maintenance of fire doors, ensuring those in your building are protected in the correct way.

    We are able to assist with every aspect of fire door installation and maintenance. Our engineers are trained to the highest standards, meaning that you can be sure that your fire doors meet the exacting standards required by law.

    What’s more, the fire doors we supply are all compliant with Canadian regulations and we always stay informed and updated about any changes to laws or regulations surrounding fire doors in commercial, residential and public buildings.

    To find out more about our fire door services in Waterloo and the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us today 647-951-3510


    A professionally installed door that is fully certified for fire protection will delay the spread of fire and ultimately save lives. The Ontario Door Repair team can manufacture, supply and install external and internal fire doors in commercial and residential properties across the Greater Waterloo Area.

    Certificated Fire Door Installation

    Our fire door installation service enables each of our clients to have a full and comprehensive installation certificate of all identifiable points, along with full test and data sheets of all materials used.


    Ontario Door Company carries out repairs and maintenance on existing fire doors on properties across the Greater Waterloo Area. This can ensure that fire doors meet fire safety standards quickly, without the need to manufacture new doors.

    Our scope of work can involve replacing frames and doors, as well as repairs including:

    • Replacing damaged glazing

    • Replacing damaged and failed perimeter seals

    • Rehanging doors on new replacement hinges

    • Re-fixing loose hinges

    • Replacing door self-closers

    • Replacing lock sets

    • Realigning doors

    • Replacing damaged frames and door leaves


    Ensure fire safety, save life and save property

    We provide a full service when it comes to fire doors, from supplying the doors needed for installation, through to maintaining fire doors on a regular basis. Below you’ll find a brief rundown of the different fire door services we offer to clients:

     Ontario Door Repair specializes in the supply, installation and upgrade of fire rated doors to meet current fire regulations. We deliver a comprehensive fire door service, including a wide variety of standard (FD30 and FD60) and bespoke fire rated doors. Our fire doors are fully tested to be 100% compliant with current legislation. We also undertake upgrades, repairs and maintenance for existing fire doors. We are fully certified.

    We recognize the importance of fire doors and their installation. Fire doors are designed to stop the spread of fire and save lives, so it is important that fire doors are installed correctly by trained professionals. If you own or manage any kind of commercial building, or if you are an employer or private landlord, it is your responsibility to provide effective fire protection for anyone in the building.

    Fire Rated Door Repair Waterloo is dedicated to fire safety and safeguarding your property, so we make the process as easy as possible for you. From the initial Fire Risk Assessment to any remedial work, or the supply and fit of new fire doors so that you have total peace of mind. We supply fully certified fire doors, door sets, fire rated partitions and glazed screens that meet all of the criteria required by law.

     Ontario Door Repair offers a free initial consultation with no obligation quote. 

    Waterloo Door Repair


    We offer a certified fire door installation services that provides reassurance that your fire safety door needs are being met. It is imperative to prevent fire and smoke from spreading through a building.

    Fire doors work as a passive Waterloor and provide a delay against any damaging effects of fire. They equally work as a safe route of exit from the building. Fire doors also allow the fire service enough time to enter a burning building in order to tackle the fire.

    There are lots of fire door installers in the GTA and surrounding areas, but are they all Fire Door Experts? We can install fire doors in commercial industries and residential properties. We are experts in installing all types of fire doors throughout your building, including entrance doors, communal doors, riser doors and emergency exit doors.

    Ontario Door Repair works closely with leading door manufacturers. This allows us to offer you a range of certified bespoke fire resistant doors and door frames made from timber, steel, glass reinforced plastic and aluminum. Our expert team will work with you to ensure the correct door specification is used to comply with your needs, in an aesthetically pleasing style to blend into your building.

    Certified Fire Door Installers Fire Rated Door Repair

    Our technicians are all accredited and certified for fire door installation. We give you the peace of mind that all installations and maintenance works by  Ontario Door Repair are carried out correctly and safely.

    Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo works extensively in corporate and private sectors, and certainly understands that site access can sometimes be challenging. Certain areas may only be available for work during certain hours of the day. We can work with you to minimize disruption in your ‘live’ building, so having little effect on staff, visitors and residents.

    Fire Door Installation

    We are now considered among the renowned fire door installation companies in the GTA as we proudly provide the assurance of your fire safety by allowing you adhere to all the fire safety measures. We have expertise and industry long experience along with a certification which ensures precise results when it comes to the installation of fire doors. Being certified fire door installers, we inspect, maintain and ensure that your fire doors are working properly in all adverse conditions. In order to prevent fire and smoke.

    Knowing the importance of efficient fire doors to prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout the building, we provide efficient repair service and on-time maintenance. Not only for its repair and maintenance work, we are also known for the fire door installation in the Greater Waterloo Area. We can also provide fire door installation certification. Our fire doors installation with extreme precision makes us stand out being a certified fire door installer.

    Reliable Fire Rated Door Experts Waterloo

    Committed to ensuring full compliance, all of our fire door works are certified with all Canadian Authorities. 

    Ontario Door Repair specializes in the repair, restoration, installation and maintenance of fire doors and frames. Providing services primarily to occupied buildings, but also key new building projects, we are experts in the management of internal timber doors, front entrance door-sets and emergency doors.  With thousands of doors remediated, replaced and inspected, we are proficient in the supply of our services across many sectors, including student accommodation, healthcare, social housing, commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

    Fire Protection Solutions

    Fire Door Maintenance & Inspections in the Greater Waterloo Area

    At Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo our fully trained and accredited, professional team can assist in meeting your legal requirements by regularly inspecting your existing fire doors, providing full written and compliant reports and highlighting any potential defects. Operating throughout the GTA, we specialize in:

    • Fire door inspections

    • Written fire door reports

    • Fire door remedial works

    • Fire door maintenance

    Faulty or damaged fire doors can have dire consequences in their ability to provide adequate fire resistance and prevention of the spread of smoke and toxic gasses within a premises. This is where scheduled maintenance from our qualified specialists come in.

    Fire Rated Door Installation Waterloo, We help owners, managers and employers comply with their legal responsibility to have certified and correctly installed Fire doors.  We will carry out all the required safety checks in line with current legislation, highlighting any issues with your fire doors and making sure they are repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

    From damaged seals to improper installations, our team is ready to help you with anything Fire Door related.

    Don’t leave it until it’s too late – contact our team today to find out more or to arrange fire door maintenance, repair, or installation.


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