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Front Door Repair Cambridge

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Front Door Repair Cambridge

There is one thing that most homes have in common, and that’s the front door. This door is probably the most used door out of any other door and the whoFront Door Repair Cambridgele house. The minute that these doors start to act up, I would suggest that you fix them as soon as possible, simply to eliminate future frustration for your entire family.

There is nothing more annoying than a door that squeaks, a door that shots automatically, or a door that won’t even shut at all. If your door squeaks, there’s a good chance that you will need to lubricate the hinges. My first suggestion, would be to use graphite, which would be a black dry powdery substance that can usually be purchased at any home improvement center.


Simply pop the door hinge pin out, if possible and rub the graphite on the door pin and reinsert it into the door hinge casing. Only do one hinge at a time, this will prevent the door from falling off and this could be a big problem, especially if the door is heavy.

If your door hinges won’t separate or you can’t remove the door hinge pin, I would suggest that you use some WD-40 or another metal cleaning lubricant and then try to pop the pan out of the hinge bracket, after the cleaning agent has soaked in for at least a couple of hours. Don’t forget that WD-40 is a cleaner and it isn’t really considered a lubricant.


If you just can’t remove the door pin or separate the hinge, your next best bet would be to spray a silicone lubricant on the door hinge, around the door pin. Make sure that you cover any carpeting or flooring that you don’t want to get damaged, before spraining any lubricant or WD-40 on your door hinges.

Silicone lubricants work great, the only problem is that they could attract dirt or dust, around the hinge pin area and you could find yourself cleaning your door hinges regularly.


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