Guelph Commercial Automatic Door Repair

Guelph Commercial Automatic Door Repair

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Guelph Commercial Automatic Door Repair.

Automatic Door Repair For Those Who Need It. Guelph Commercial Automatic Door Repair

A significant component of all of the effort placed into technological advances is the convenience that is being created and offered. The automatic door has been a part of that evolution in modern expediency, efficiency and comfort since 1954. The ever popular sliding doors and swinging doors can be equipped with or connected to electronic mechanisms that allow them to be able to sense approaching traffic and eliminate the need to pull open a heavy door in order to gain entry. But like all mechanisms, the process will require some maintenance.

Automatic door repair can be as simple as actual door care, but it is more likely to be determined by the type of device that causes the door to actually follow the command of opening fully upon request. These mechanisms can be designed with infrared, motion, or remote sensors and follow the command of a switch or provide power-assisted entry. And sometimes those mechanisms will malfunction, and pedestrians at that particular doorway will either have to resort to manual entry or have to find an alternative entry point. This requires professional automatic door repair, preferably by the company that installed the product but, if not, there are plenty of companies to accommodate your commercial, industrial or retail door maintenance needs.


When automatic door repair is required on the actual detection device that opens the door(s), it can be carried out in one of two ways. The physical mechanism may have been damaged and requires hands-on repair on site, or the mechanism isn’t making the connection that it needs to from the signal to command follow through. Some doors have a pressure sensor hidden in the mat on which pedestrians walk as they intend to enter or intend to exit. There are some infrared beams that, when blocked, detect persons requiring entry or exit and open the doors. And of course there are motion-detecting sensors that create the same response to movement in its sensor’s path.


But automatic door repair isn’t just for devices that are set to do all of the work on their own by receiving and responding to a command to open. There are remote sensor doors and switch-operated doors such as those found at security checkpoints in some buildings such as banks, hospitals or prisons. There are also power-assisted doors that, once they are pushed a little or tugged at the doors’ opening mechanism, slowly open the heavy door for the pedestrian intending to go through. All of these devices have to be maintained in order to receive their message to open and open fully for all who pass through.

Automatic door repair is integral to avoiding customer collisions while offering hands free entry and exit for entryways, restrooms and all secure and handicap access into any building. Although a standard door on a hinge-like device can be opened manually, many people with strength or handicap concerns rely on automatic doors, and they can’t be let down or blocked entry when they need it.


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