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    Hamilton Door Closer Repair

    Insist on Using Our Door Closers, Approved for Fire Testing.

    Need to keep your door closed at all times? Door close by itself after opening?

     Give us a call let us know what you need and our friendly operator will assist you within our means.

    Have a question? You may find your answer here – 647-951-3510

    Oakville Door Closer Repair

    Hamilton Door Closer Service & Repairs

    Are you frustrated with your entry & exit doors do they get stuck and scrape on the frame or the step?  The good news is you don’t need to get a new door but instead you can let our experienced Ontario Door Repair look after your door repair and save considerable amounts of money at the same time. Be sure to view our Guarantee and our testimonials for more details.

    Types of Door Closer repairs we specialise in: Toronto Door Closer

    Door Closer repairs are our specialty and there are three main types of door closers used and we look after installation and repairs of all types of hydraulic door closers, including:

    • Floor Spring (concealed floor mounted closers)
    • Hydraulic Surface mounted closers
    • Concealed overhead transom mounted closers

    Repairs can be achieved on all types of doors including glass & aluminium, glass only doors, timber doors and synthetic doors.

    We offer a wide range of models and brands and an extensive range of accessories which include such things as hold open features.

    Hamilton Door Closer Repair – Here are some of the brands of doors we have fixed or repaired the door closers on

    • Dorma door closers
    • Ryobi door closers
    • Efco door closers
    • Sabre door closers
    • Kaba door closers
    • Novas door closers
    • Briton door closers
    • Geze door closers

    To get a resolution to your door closer repair, give us a call on 647-951-3510. We’ll ask a few key questions on the phone and within a few minutes, you’ll know exactly what we can do and the timeframe to get your door fixed.

    Glass & Aluminium Door Closer Issues and how we repair them

    In the case of pivoted doors where Transom Door closers or floor springs are used, we remove the door and the relevant housings of the door closer parts.

    Which include the pivots and associated bearings, brackets and of course the door closer. Examination of these respective parts will quickly reveal any damage.

    Replacement and reinstatement of damaged and worn parts are followed by the rehanging of the door.


    Surface mounted door closer repairs  door closer repair toronto

    In the case of a surface mounted door closer removal of the door is usually not required as all the parts can be got at with the door in site.

    With older doors, it is preferred to take care of ageing fasteners by not over-stressing them with modern impact drivers.

    We take care to prevent the heads of the screws that hold the door and accessories together, from fracturing as they are unscrewed.

    If the screws break, as they can do, we always (if practical) remove the remaining body of the screw in order to fit a new fastener.

    Dedicated Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience In Fixing Doors

    If you are having trouble with your door because it is difficult to open and close or it is unable to open smoothly or lock securely or maybe, it is grinding and scratching on the floor or frame or it is leaking oil from the top or base of the door.

    We specialise in the following areas and service the whole GTA Ontario area with door closer repairs for the following installations:

    • Aluminium door repairs and glass doors
    • Timber & glass doors
    • Office doors
    • Front doors
    • Internal doors
    • We even do sliding door repairs
    • Hamilton Door Closer Repair

    Our professional team have all your repair needs covered. We have been established since 1996 and operating successfully in the GTA Ontario area. Our speciality areas are domestic and commercial door repairs.

    Because of the high volume of doors with door closers installed in domestic and commercial premises in recent years, Door Closers GTA Ontario has become our primary service area, especially commercial doors.

    We carry out all types of door closer repairs & replacements on a weekly basis. And set out below are the steps involved in a typical Door closer replacement:

    • We remove the old door closer
    • We then dismantle the door frame attachments
    • Then we carry out an examination of the door and frame to make sure that they are fitting together correctly.
    • We then establish what is the appropriate door closer model is for the door and frame, keeping in mind that the draft coming through the doorway will create pressures on the door when it is closing.

    The most frequent reason for the door closer to fail is wear on the main spring and wear to the hydraulic seals of the pistons in the cylinders of the door closers.

    In most circumstances, the deterioration of the seals in the door closers results in some hydraulic fluid leakage around the door closer (like on the image to the right).

    This is often evident as a build-up of heavy dust and dirt on the outside of the closer and sometimes oil can be seen dripping from the door closer, which when extreme can often stain the floor coverings.

    Issues affecting your door closer – Hamilton Door Closer Repair

    Deterioration of the mainspring always affects the operation of the door closing. In both these circumstances, the door closers need to be replaced. Repair is not an option.

    If the door closer is not replaced in a reasonable time after it starts to show the first signs of trouble then and what often happens is that the doors functioning with the frame deteriorate.

    As the deterioration proceeds the brackets and fasteners attached to the door stress and strain such that the points of attachment become distended. In other words, the aluminium or timber fails at these points resulting in misalignment of the attached structures on to the door and frame.

    Consequently the door and frame exhibit operation failure. Sooner or later, the operation of the door fails completely and the door is unable to move and lock compromising security.

    The good news – Hamilton Door Closer Repair can replace door closers and repair damaged doors since we have many years of experience with general door repair and door closer replacement.

    In fact, Door closer replacement is our most common service request.

    It is most important that your locks are aligned perfectly for effective security.

    When your door closer and associated brackets and pivots have been repaired/replaced and the new fasteners are secure, the door has to be fitted squarely into the rebate of the door jamb such that the gaps around the edge of the door are even and correct.

    This is achieved by adjusting the height and backseat of the pivot and the backseat of the brackets. Notwithstanding the lock should align with the strike on the frame. If this does not happen the strike can usually be adjusted to fit the tongue of the lock. The last step is to adjust the lock.

    Note that, often, problems with the lock not aligning as they should are caused by the door not fitting in the door jamb properly causing the door to drop and the lock to misalign with the strike. Therefore, the door cannot be locked properly.

    Conclusion, your door is closing and opening easily with no fuss and locking properly giving you the security required.


    For more information on our Hamilton Door Closer Repair/services, drop us a call at: 647-951-3510

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    If you need your door fixed, we can come straight away:

    – Door repairs – timber doors, Aluminum doors, glass doors

    – Hinge repairs

    – Pivot door repairs

    – Toughened glass door repairs  door closer repair

    – When public risk and security are important, contact Door Closer Specialist for help with:

    – Body corporate doors & gates

    – Corporate door repairs & maintenance

    – Entrance doors

    – Fire doors

    – School doors and gates

    – Pedestrian gate closer


    Hamilton Door Closers technicians are available for service calls and are able to supply and install door closers / automatic operators and related accessories to your home, business, school, hospital etc within GTA Ontario.


    Hamilton Door Closers Repair also offer PMP’s (Preventative Maintenance Programs) to organizations that would regularly like their closers or automatic operators checked to ensure they are in good working order, comply with OH&S guidelines and are working within manufacturer’s instructions to avoid costly and time consuming malfunctions which may result from poor maintenance.


    After Hours Service – 647-951-3510

    Hamilton Door Closers Repair do offer an after hours service for our customers who may not be able to have closers installed/maintained during usual business hours, or who may have an emergency which requires immediate attention after hours.