Interior Door Repair

Interior Door Repair

Interior Door Repair



Interior Door Repair, Do not worry, we at Ontario Door Repair offer a complete Door repair service for interior doors, from the inspection to the withdrawal of the door, from the repair in the carpentry to the delivery.

And then we reassemble it, with efficiency and speed.

We provide a high quality service, thanks to the skill and excellence of our wood masters, who take care of the entire repair process, to guarantee you an interior door repaired as if it were new.

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After the inspection, we transport your door to the laboratory and proceed with the repair, which will be different according to the damage found.

For example, if the door has a gash or a hole, there are two ways to proceed:

– if there is a large and deep gash, we will change the entire wooden panel

– if the hole is small and shallow, we will fix it.

How do you fix a hole in a door?

First we remove every piece of material sticking out of the hole. Then we sand the edges that cut and eliminate the dust, cleaning the surface with a special professional detergent, which leaves no stains or residues.

At this point we insert some material inside the hole, right under the edge. The material consists of wood chips, pieces of plywood and insulating polyurethane foam. Let the foam dry and proceed by smoothing the excess part, which protrudes from the surface.

Let’s move on to grouting the hole. If the door is machined, we will reproduce the designs on the stucco before it is completely dry, making the repair uniform to the rest of the door surface. When the grout is completely dry, we sand the surface with fine sandpaper. Finally, let’s move on to painting. Once the paint is dry, your repaired door will be as good as new!

On the other hand, if the door has a scratch, the work of our wood masters will be to completely repair the scratches with touch-up markers and pigmented polishing products, which will make your repaired door look like new. Finally, if it is the closing of the door that causes problems, the first thing to do is to check the metal mask placed on the jamb, to identify the exact cause of the problem. We will proceed by filing the entry windows of the teeth of the trigger and closing mechanisms, in the points where they touch, with a square file, to bring the mechanism back to work.

interior door repair

This operation could cause a different arrangement of the door with respect to the frame. In this case, when assembling the door, we arrange the template on the door leaf and move it by a few millimeters to close the old screw holes and drill new ones to adjust the door. Finally, with a chisel we remove the excess wood in the windows, and we oil the teeth of the lock. Your door lock is fixed.

If you need to repair an interior door, call us immediately and request a quote. We carry out consultations at home!


Toronto Interior Door Repair


Window and patio door Repairs in Ontario

  • Repair and maintenance of roller shutters
  • Armored doors repair
  • Interior door repair
  • Overhead door maintenance
  • Repairs, maintenance and replacements on internal swing and sliding doors

Ontario Door Repair in Toronto is able to solve most of the problems that can occur on internal swing doors and sliding doors of any brand.

Our Ontario Door Repair service is active in the GTA area. With Ontario Door Repair the repairs to your doors are fast and of quality; to make the doors of your home last longer.

  • Restoration of door balancing
  • Replacement of locks, handles and hinges
  • Supply and installation of new mechanics for sliding doors

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