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If you are renovating an old property, re-decorating or making plans for a brand new house, choosing and fitting the right doors is an important feature of the overall look.


The front door of a property will say much about the person who owns the house.

With a period property, having the original front door in good order will always add to its character and is an indication that those precious original features are probably retained inside the house as well. However, original front doors are generally weathered, can stick and are often draughty, and replacing them with reclaimed doors may require specialist joinery and bring with it its own set of problems. Fitting a new front door onto an older property should be given some thought.


Although a huge number of Victorian houses were built, quality materials were generally used and front doors were often either hardwood, painted or later in the century, had stained or etched glass windows. Therefore when choosing to replace old with new, many choose to stay with the general Victorian theme of solid and well made and ensure that exterior door frames of oak and hardwood match the same quality construction as the door.


Stylistically, buying front doors for newer houses is often simpler.

There are many retro designs of door available that will be of better quality construction than the original doors of a sixties semi for example, so finding and fitting the right door won’t pose much of a problem. The choice of styles is limitless, so choose a quality door that fits in with the general styling of the house.


Interior doors in older properties won’t have weathered and many period houses still retain these original features. Victorian interior doors however tended to be boarded up or discarded during the 1950s and 60s, or paint stripped during the 1970s; either way many were damaged in the process. These interior doors were made most often of pine, so replacements and interior door frames should reflect the quality of the original doors and their fitments.


Selecting new doors for newer and brand new properties again is limitless and you will have a wealth of styles and woods to choose from. Plenty of light is a requirement for most people these days in both old and new properties and internal door design will reflect this where many will be either half glazed to full length French window, or perhaps something more diffused with stained or etched glass.


Whatever types of door you choose for your property, the property market retains high standards therefore sympathetic choice, quality manufacture and high class joinery for both exterior & interior door frames from a reputable door company is essential.


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