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    Digital Locks

    What in your opinion is the lifeline of security in offices, houses and banks? Did you just say ‘locks’? Absolutely correct!!! Locks are the lifeline of protection and Locks Change Burlingtonsafety at these places. Without locks, there could be no security, no matter what you do. As people have become to understand the importance of digital locks, they are spending thousands of dollars for the installation of digital lock systems to secure their offices and business premises from robberies and vandalism.


    Reasons Why You Should Prefer Buying Digital Locks over the Traditional Ones

    Well, this is the age of technology and digitalization, so people tend to have bias toward buying digital locks. The truth is that these locks are actually better than their traditional counterparts in a number of ways. They offer the ultimate security that you could only think of in the past.

    With traditional lock system, you have to keep track of the keys.

    Now, this could be a real pain in the neck. You can lose the keys easily and put yourself in trouble. In case, where more than one person uses the lock to access the inside of the place, you need to have duplicate keys. Does it sound safe? Not at all!

    This latest lock system is safe and secure. These locks run on rechargeable batteries and are designed to be accessed in many customized ways like retina scanning, fingerprinting and even alphanumeric codes.

    Most digital locks work with code system. These are used in locker rooms. You just need to put a 4-digit code and enjoy ultimate security.


    Types of Digital Locks

    There are two main types of digital lock systems available. Let’s see what they are and how they work:

    • Shared type
    • Assigned type


    The shared type of lock system, as the name indicates, is ideal for those who share the lock. You can have more than one code for every user. Although, all the users will have access to the inside of the door/locker, but with different codes. Apart from these users’ codes, there is one master code that can be used in the time of emergency.

    Assigned codes are specifically designed for single users only. This type also has a master code that can be used if the locker is locked and the user has forgotten the code.

    Following are some of the main features of these digital locks:

    • Charge detector – it notifies you about its battery life
    • Tamper proof protection
    • Automatic unlock system – you can program it according to your need
    • Card activation
    • Audit tracker device
    • Usage detector


    With the use of these latest technological devices you can enjoy the security that you could only dream of in the past. Wishing you a safe life!


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