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When you think of the word lock, you automatically assume they are talking about a metal lock with a key; the standard kind that we all have to get Locks Change Hamiltoninto our homes and cars. However, there are more kinds of locks out there than we first may have thought and right now, we are just going to focus on five of them.


Deadbolt Lock

This is one of those locks that tend to provide the maximum amount of security for any door. The reason behind the name of “dead” is because on the actual lock itself, there are no springs or components that would operate the lock, it is done manually using your hand and you slide the one component into housing on the frame itself. As with other locks, there is more than one type of dead bolt – single cylinder and double cylinder. The latter is considered to sometimes be a threat to life in the case of an emergency and is mostly used on glass doors or doors with glass panels. The former is usually used on a door that is made from wood or solid metal.


Night Latch

This is a great security option for both business and home doors and has a feature where it automatically locks when the door is closed. The latch is spring loaded and is considered to be light security used in conjunction with a different locking device on the door.


Passage Lock-set

These are locking devices that are used usually on interior doors within the building. These are considered low privacy locking devices and have two knobs – one on either side of the door. These are perfect locking devices for the interior design motivated customers and can come in the largest range of styles. They can also be finished, meaning they can be used to match any door in any room.


Dummy Knob

As the name suggests, this is not a real locking device. As a general rule, this is a decorative item only and will be used in places where a locking mechanism is not needed and in actual fact, the knob itself will not actually turn. This is great for use on doors such as cupboard and closet doors.


Privacy Lockset

As the name suggests yet again, this is a lock designed for privacy. This is a locking mechanism that is used on the interior of the door, and is designed more so for privacy than high security. The inside knob of the lockset will have a locking device, usually a button, but on the other side of the knob, there is no locking mechanism. This can come as both a lever style of knob and an actual knob style which means it can be used in conjunction with your interior design and is perfect for a bathroom or similar room where you will need privacy.

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