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    Some of the technology to have a “No Lock” front door is here. The remainder will be here much sooner than we think. In reality the door Locks Change Torontowill still have some type of locking device, it just will not be visible from the outside. From the outside the door will not have any type of door lock or any visible way to insert a key.

    In order to lock the door, a locking bolt of some type will be on the inside of the door, it will also have some type of thumb turn so that it can be locked and unlocked mechanically from the inside. Actually the locking mechanism will be very similar to what we use today, just not visible from the outside.


    Electronics will play a very important role as to how this new lock operates.

    The locking bolt will lock or unlock with either a motor or solenoid. From here the actual control device could be anything from a key fob to your smartphone. It would be very important to be able to identify the person at the front door. For example, a key fob could be used by anyone to open your front door, they would just need the key fob itself.


    Now let’s look at the technology that is already available in a smartphone.

    You would start off with an App, of course. When you are ready to unlock your front door you would open the app and either use your fingerprint, facial recognition or both. You could actually use the same technology that is used to make a payment. When you are not home a camera mounted by the front door would allow you to see who is at the door, you could then allow them access from across the globe.

    Members of your household would have their own access credentials.

    You would then be able to look at your logs and know at what time your teenage daughter returned from her date. Because of the electronic part of the lock, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth could also be deployed expanding the possibilities. This would integrate the door into your home automation. This would further increase access control and your home security.


    The title of this article “No Locks for Your Front Door”, is just an illustration of what is possible. All the doors in your home can have this technology including your garage door.


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