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    London Ontario Door Hinges – Quality Equals Longevity London Ontario Door Hinges

    No matter what type of door is being installed, a hinge of some type is necessary. Hinge designs include butt hinges, spring hinges, geared continuous hinges and a myriad of utility hinge designs. Which one you purchase depends on the location and function of the door. A quality hinge provides long-lasting functionality which saves in repair costs and time.

    Although steel is one of the most common materials for hinges, they can also be manufactured from brass, bronze or aluminum. However, even when the hinge is constructed of brass or bronze, the pins on a high-quality hinge are still manufactured from steel for increased durability. In addition, hinges designed for the heaviest of doors and highest usage typically are only made in steel due to its strength and durability.

    Butt hinges are the most familiar hinge style to most people and are found on every type of interior and exterior door. When selecting a butt hinge, consider the weight of the door and the level of usage. You’ll find products in steel, brass and bronze rated from standard to heavy duty and with two, three or five knuckles.


    Adjustable spring hinges are also available in steel, brass and bronze.

    This type of hinge is less expensive than an automatic door closer for interior doors of hospitals, schools, hotels and other commercial buildings.


    Geared continuous hinges are most often found in steel or aluminum.

    Lighter weight continuous piano hinges are often made of brass. The heavy duty commercial hinges distribute weight and stress along the full length of door and frame, thus preventing misaligned pivot points of individual hinges.


    Buyers should look for high quality hinges from well-known manufacturers.

    Cheaper products provide inferior performance and will require repair and replacement long before a higher grade hinge. Companies such as Stanley even provide a limited lifetime warranty on their commercial grade door hinges.


    Door hinges for commercial applications, including stainless steel hinges, can be purchased online, Or call 647-866-0956.


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