Mississauga Door Installation

Mississauga Door Installation

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Mississauga Door Installation

When installing an interior door from scratch (not pre-hung), you will need to measure the opening width and height. The height is not as important, because on an interior door, especially a bathroom, you can leave some space between the bottom of the door and the threshold area for ventilation.


When measuring for the width, there may be differences in the measurements at the top, middle, and bottom.Mississauga Door Installation

The narrowest measurement will at least need to allow for the width of the door, and approximately ¼” for the overall gap of both sides.

Remove the old door and hinges and install one leaf of each new hinge in the jamb. The new door can be cut to the required width, using a circular saw. A saw guide can be used to insure a precise cut.

Now, with some (doubled up or more) shims on the floor under the door, place the door, with only one (half) leaf of each new hinge attached to the jamb in the opening. The barrel of the hinges will be facing you.


Now with the shims on the floor, slide them in with your foot, while lifting up on the door, until you have the gap that you want at the top. Take another shim or two and place them at the top to hold the gap and the door in place. Just push them in until they stop. You may have to push them sideways instead of straight in; because, the distance is only 1 3/8″. Now do the same thing on the latch side of the door. Now that you have the door exactly where you want it, take a pencil and mark the top and bottom of the hinge locations on the door. You could also tap lightly at the top with a chisel to notch the location.


Now outline the hinge locations on the door with a 3 ½ ” butt gauge.

Tap down to mark the outline and then mortise out with a chisel, attach with screws. Place the door in the opening, joining the leaves of the hinges, and tap down the pin into the barrel of the hinges. If slightly off, just loosen the screws and slightly move the leaves of the hinges to meet, then re-tighten the hinge screws.

Drill for the lock.

Install the lock. Now open and close the door, checking for proper gap with no binding. The door should close against the doorstops.

If there is some interest shown in the above article, I will be writing future articles about installing exterior doors and more complete directions for the installation of locks, as well as other home repair topics.


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