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    Oshawa Steel Door Repair

    We at Oshawa Steel Door Repair are a local, family owned business and have been serving the greater Oshawa community for almost 22 years! We serve residential and commercial properties, from steel door maintenance, repairs, and custom installations!

    Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured and we take pride in doing a great job with a smile! We believe that the most important metric for success is our customer’s satisfaction. That is why we work hard to respond to calls quickly and provide competitive quotes so you get the best, for less.

    We love serving our community – whether it’s fixing a broken or damaged steel door, or designing and installing a customer’s dream steel door. We do it all!

    Steel Door Repair Oshawa provides the highest quality repair services of all types of steel doors, including front doors, security doors, home doors, storm and fire doors in Oshawa. Call us now for your free estimation and custom repair consultation. 647-951-3510

    Repair Service Needs for Oshawa’s Steel Doors

    Steel doors are becoming the number one choice for commercial and industrial buildings, even for older buildings. They are one of the strongest and most durable door materials. The appearance of sleek steel doors is another reason for their popularity. Combined with security features such as keyless entry or fire safety, steel doors also increase a building’s safety.

    These doors do need regular maintenance though, and they sometimes need repairs. Oshawa Steel Door Repair is Oshawa’s go-to professional squad for all your steel door repair service needs, with trained & certified technicians and fast service.

    We bring over half a century of industry wisdom in steel door repairs. Our expertise in repairs and follow up maintenance can reduce the chance of needing future repairs. But when fixes are needed, we provide rapid response to service requests and send our technicians with fully stocked vans, making on the spot repairs possible in many cases.

    Malfunctioning Steel Doors Are More Than an Inconvenience

    Foot traffic moving smoothly from the Oshawa streets into your building and from room to room is something you take for granted until something goes wrong. But when steel doors malfunction, life in your building is turned upside down.

    Even if you create a workaround, traffic through other entrances may become congested, slow, and unsafe. The inconvenience may be a deterrent to customers who don’t want to deal with the chaos. And this may give them a negative and lasting impression that you can’t handle your business — or theirs.

    This is especially true if the steel door stays broken for days, even though you have done everything in your power to get a service technician on site. Slow repair service and multiple trips for parts can have a big impact and cause potential safety and security issues.

    And dealing with these issues takes your time too. You need the problem solved quickly.

    Providing the Commercial and Industrial Steel Door Repair Service You Need

    Whether you have the standard new steel doors, or your property is equipped with older, retrofitted steel doors, our technicians are trained to work with them. Swing and fold doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, platform screen doors, or specialty doors in a medical facility – our team has the expertise to perform repair services on all types of steel doors, door operators, and accessories.

    And our technicians tackle service calls throughout Oshawa. We can get there fast. With a large number of expert technicians in fully stocked vans, we have the largest, best-prepared presence in the city.

    Keeping our vans stocked is crucial to keeping you up and running. While other technicians might return to their shop for even simple repair parts, we keep enough materials in play to meet many steel door repair needs on the very first visit. We respond to your initial request within 2 hours, and we offer 24/7 service for emergencies.

    We also send the starting lineup, certified specialists with vast amounts of training, experienced, and local. We are dedicated to giving you the freedom to focus on bigger things by taking care of this essential part of your building’s service. We also keep training our staff to stay on top of technical and regulatory changes

    Oshawa Steel Door Repair is made up of a team of proud specialists in steel door repairs. Before investing in total door replacement, let us assess the damage to see if the door is repairable first. If the door is not repairable, we will provide an educated and reasonable quote for total door replacement.

    Benefits of Door Repair (versus total door replacement):

    • Cost efficient

    • Less intrusive construction

    • Maintains original look of the house

    • Saves resources and reduces waste

    Oshawa Steel Door Repair repairs and services all types of steel doors with care and precision. Our technicians are fully stocked with all parts needed for the most common repairs needed for your doors.

    For sectional steel doors, we are prepared to replace hinges, struts, torsion springs, tubes, cables, drums, rollers, and mounting brackets. Most of the time, parts are not needed to get your door running smoothly and quietly. Usually, it’s just a matter of alignment and lubrication that can have your door running like a dream.

    But even if your door needs something more elaborate, our technicians are usually able to take care of the problem in one trip. You can rest assured that when you call Oshawa Steel Door Repair, your steel door will run better than ever when we leave.

    We repair all makes and models of steel doors. This includes

    • roller shutters and doors, Storefront Door Repairs in Oshawa

    • automatic swing and sliding doors,

    • fire and smoke doors,

    • manual doors,

    • boom gates,

    • electric swing and sliding doors,

    • bi-fold doors,

    • any other type of hinged or pivoted, bi-fold, sliding, doors.

    Whether you need steel door service, steel door repair, when you call Oshawa Steel Door Repair for your service or repair needs, you can feel confident that your problem will be resolved to your satisfaction, and you will be trouble free for the foreseeable future. We strive to provide excellent service to all of our customers – big and small. We commit to follow industry-set standards and listen to every customer. Constant improvement of our services is our goal. Installation Universal Washroom Door Oshawa

    Our technicians are trained to handle any type of steel door repair job. They are equipped with the right tools for the job. We offer a wide range of booking options so you can choose the most suitable for you. Call us today at 647-951-3510 for your steel door service and repair needs!!