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Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill


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    Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill


    Our Highly-Trained Service Techs at Ontario Door Repair are able to Install Panic Devices and Entry Push Devices to fit your needs.

    Ontario Door Repair can help you with:

    • Panic bars
    • Alarmed exit doors
    • Deadbolted panic devices
    • Exit door locks and panic hardware
    • Push-button locks
    • Fire & safety code compliant hardware
    • Auto relocking devices
    • Vertical rod, rim mounted & mortise


    What are Panic Devices? What are Exit Devices?

    Many people do not know what an “exit device” is despite the fact we all see them all the time. Exit devices are crash bars and panic bars. Every commercial and public building in this country, including Sunrise has at least one exit device. Exit devices play an important role in the safety and security of human lives and their property.

    To begin, an exit device is door hardware which allows doors to remain locked from the outside when necessary. People inside the building, however, can still exit the same door without having to unlock the door.

    On buildings with crash bars, no one is able to open doors installed with these devices from the outside when locked.

    In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, those inside the building can use these locked doors as an emergency exit by pushing against the crash bar on the inside part of the door.

    The term “panic bar” was given to exit devices because they can be opened very fast in an emergency. Panic bars are also beneficial because people with limited mobility and small children can initiate them.

    Panic Bar Installation Options

    Ontario Door Repair and Service can help you in selecting the right panic bar hardware from a wide variety of options, styles, functions and sizes. The two important features when selecting panic bar hardware are: door type and options for operating the panic bar.

    Type of doors:

    Single or double doors, glass doors, metal doors, aluminium doors, wood doors, or heavy duty doors.

    Panic Bar Services

    Ontario Door Repair and Service offers panic bar installations for industrial and commercial clients in Richmond Hill and the GTA surrounding areas.. We also offer commercial panic bar repairs, and commercial panic bar replacement hardware

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality commercial panic bars at the best possible prices, installed by experts.


    Richmond Hill Panic Bar Exit Devices – 647-951-3510


    Panic Bar, Exit Device (Crash Bar) is a device for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward opening door. When the lever is either pushed or depressed, it activates a mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to leave the building quickly.

    Panic bars are typically found on doors which are required emergency exits serving a particular type or quantity of occupants. Common locations include: Toronto Panic Bar Installation

    – doors which provide egress from assembly areas

    – doors which serve many occupants

    – or doors serving hazardous areas

    – for buildings subjected to international building code or a locally adopted variation

    – they are required for healthcare, education, or assembly spaces generally related to the number of occupants exiting through a given door.

    A door intended only for exit doesn’t need a handle on the outside, and for security a handle on the outside is often omitted. However a door handle can be mounted on the outside to create a two way door. This allows the bar to be locked in a neutral (latch open) position, allowing the door to be freely opened from either side.


    Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill can provide you with all your Fire, Smoke & Exit Door repairs and installation needs.

    Our highly experienced team delivers you with peace of mind to ensure your building’s fire safety and compliance. We expertly provide a wide range of installations, repairs and maintenance for fire, smoke and exit doors.

    Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors and their associated hardware and accessories are a very important part of ensuring a fire is contained within a specified area of a building and ensures safe and effective evacuation. These essential safety measures are found in almost all industrial, commercial and multi-dwelling buildings.

    All Fire, Smoke and Exit Door services provided by our team at Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill are conducted to ensure building owners’ legal and moral responsibilities are met. This includes ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of Fire, Smoke and Exit Doors and that these comply with Canadian Standard, with relevant records kept onsite.

    Here are just some of the more popular services provided by our team:

    Installations  Panic Bar Installation

    • Complete doorsets
    • Replacement of door leaves – single and doubles
    • Backfilling fire rated frames
    • Fire Rated access panels
    • Fire Rated frames/jambs
    • Fire Rated vision panels
    • Hardware, e.g. closers, handles, seals, etc.
    • Metal cladding for security and weather situations
    • Non-Fire Rated solid core doors
    • Push bars and special security lock devices
    • Threshold plates


    Fire Doors & Exit Doors – Richmond Hill & GTA Surrounding 

    Commercial doors, fire doors and factory exit doors are our specialty. With over 20 years of experience, our team of locksmiths and carpenters work only to the highest degree of standards.

    We offer a wide range of door services including basic internal office doors, to solid core metal clad doors and fire doors, all of which are available in a number of locations. That includes Richmond Hill and the GTA surrounding, and Southwestern Ontario Hamilton to Oshawa and more.

    We’re able to repair and replace broken doors at your home or office and can upgrade existing business and factory exit and fire doors to make them OH&S compliant.

    We also install Fire Rated Metal Clad Doors, Solid Core Metal Clad Doors and Steel Pressed Door Jambs to add security to factories.

    Fire Door Services – Ontario Door Repairs Richmond Hill Door Repair and Replacement – 647-951-3510

     Panic Bar repair Toronto

    • A wide range of door closers to suit different applications
    • Custom made steel pressed door jambs
    • Service and maintenance for all doors
    • Aluminium / glass door repairs
    • Supply and install of high security door products
    • Aluminium door jambs/frames
    • Wooden doors
    • Metal Clad Solid Core Doors
    • High security doors
    • Office doors
    • Supply and install of steel pressed door frames
    • Repair doors, door jambs and frames
    • OH&S upgrades on exit doors
    • Electric strikes cut in

    Fire Doors

    • Fire rated doors
    • Commercial grade fire and exit doors
    • Steel frames
    • Fire rated locks and door closers
    • Door seals
    • OH&S upgrades on fire doors
    • Custom made fire doors and frames
    • Factory exit door


    Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill – Work We’re Proud Of

    We can replace the existing broken timber doors with Solid Core Metal Clad Doors.

    We also fit a Rivers four point semaphore lock. There is a bolt that locks into the door head and the ground. It also has two locking bars that tie the door leaves together, by engaging into receiving cups attached to the passive door leaf.

    This Rivers lock is a great way to lock double doors in high security situations and comply with OH&S regulations.

    Latest Door Innovations

    At Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill we have a dedicated team of trained, full time staff with a wealth of experience under their belts. However, we believe education is an ongoing experience and are committed to providing our staff with training all year round. This ensures we keep up with emerging regulations and information on fire doors and safety.

    No job is too big or small for Panic Bar Installation Richmond Hill, so give us a call today on 647-951-3510.