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    Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York

    Local Pivot Door Company manufactures premium wood pivot doors for exterior and interior use Call 647-951-3510

    Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York, is a full-service pivot door hinge replacement company that has served the East York community since 1999. Whether you need replacement hinges for residential, commercial pivot doors, our professionals can help. We understand the importance of delivering reliable replacement services to our valued clients. Our commitment to quality and value comes through in all that we do. It sets us apart from other pivot door hinge replacement companies. You can count on us for all your pivot door hinge replacement needs. Call us today for a free quote! 647-951-3510

    Professional Installation for every style of Pivot door in East York and the GTA Ontario

    When it comes to the doors on your home, you want something sturdy and secure to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. In addition to having a quality pivot door, the hardware and Pivot door hinges are an important aspect to consider. It is equally important to have strong, durable door hinges as it is to have a sturdy door. At Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York, we are dedicated to providing our customers in East York with the best quality replacement services, including door hinge replacements.

    Even the best pivot doors for your home need proper support. If your pivot door hinges are weak, it makes it much easier for someone to remove the door or get past locks. We provide a great variety of high-quality door hinges that will look great in your home and keep everything as safe and secure as possible. Our team is also ready and able to provide great installation services, so you can feel completely confident your pivot door hinges are replaced properly.

    The pivot door hinges you choose will depend on several different aspects, including the actual door and the level of security you require. Our experienced team can also help you determine which door hinge replacements will work best for you and keep your home safe. As a local, family owned business, we work hard to be the team you trust for all your door hinges, locks, and security needs.

    What is a pivot door?

    A pivot door is one that opens and closes by rotating on a spindle instead of hinges attached to the side of a door and door frame

    What is the advantage of a pivot door?

    Other than the “unique” factor, the main reason to use a pivot door is it allows for much wider doors. The door in the house we stayed in was a very wide single panel door.

    The wider the door, the further in from the frame the spindle.

    One other advantage, which is always the case with home improvement, and that is design. You simply might prefer the look of a larger single panel door.

    Types of pivot doors

    There are two main ways to categorize pivot doors. By use and by material. Other than that, they function much the same way.

    By use

    By use, referring to the type of door as in location in the home. While you could technically turn any door into a pivot door, they are usually used for the following purposes.

    Pivot front door

    The most commonly used pivot door (not that they’re terribly common) is for a front door. This gives a homeowner the opportunity to hang a huge front door that’s not a double-pane.

    Pivot shower door

    Another area in the house where pivot doors are used is for shower doors. Showers get bigger and bigger every year which offers more space for a larger door. Pivot style glass doors make it possible to hang a large shower door.

    Pivot closet door

    While pivot doors are often used so that the door can be huge, you can also use a pivot hinge for closet doors.

    Can you use pivot doors for interior or patio doors?

    Sure you can. A pivot door can be used wherever you’d have a traditional hinge door. It just depends if you want to spend the money and have the space. In fact, they could make for a great patio entry door given they can be large which results in a nice wide entrance to the patio.

    By material

    Another way to distinguish among pivot doors is by material. There are three main materials used for pivot doors. They are:

    • Wood

    • Steel

    • Glass

    There are also hybrids that incorporate two or more of the above materials such as steel and wood.

    Automatic Door Opener Installation Toronto

    Can pivot doors swing both ways?

    Yes, you can have them installed so that they swing inward or outward. For a front door this might be good but for a closet, you’ll want them to only swing outward.

    Door hinges and pivots can wear down or come out of alignment over time. This will cause your door to drag the ground or scrub in the frame. Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York offers several solutions to this problem. If you have a storefront type of door, we can either replace your pivots or install a continuous piano type hinge to get your door back on track. Wood and metal doors usually have commercial grade hinges. We can shim and replace these hinges or install a continuous hinge to more evenly distribute the weight of the door on the frame. Call Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York to find out what solution will work best for you!

    Contact Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York Today Commercial Door Repair

    Did you know that replacement of pivot door hinges is an investment that will pay for itself? When you upgrade your basic pivot door hinge model to a mid-tier option, you’ll have a higher return on the resale of your home, even more so than you would after remodeling a kitchen or master bathroom. Also it will greatly improve functionality for all your pivot doors throughout your home. For a pivot door hinge replacement cost estimate, contact us today. We offer affordable pivot door hinge replacement services throughout East York and surrounding GTA areas.

    If you have a door that is dragging or scrubbing, chances are you need new hinges or pivots. Call Pivot Door Hinges Replacement East York to get your hinges or pivots repaired or replaced today! 647-951-3510