Commercial Storefront Glass Door Repair

Storefront Glass Door Repair & Installation Company Ontario

Some of our Services:

  • Repair a Sagging, Dragging or Binding Door.
  •     Repair a Warped, Lose Door.
  •     Adjust Glass Doors.
  •     Door Hinges Replacement.
  •     Door Pivot Adjustment, Replacement.
  •     Repair Doors That Won’t Close Properly.
  •     Install Geared Continuous Hinges.
  •     Door Closer Repair.
  •     Mount Surface or Concealed Door Closers.

Fire Exit Doors Repair


Our fire exits doors/emergency exit doors are manufactured to our heavy duty specification and are also available as single or double doors. The emergency exits/ fire exit doors do not include an outside access device as standard; they are “blank” and it is the panic bar which keeps the door locked shut.