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    Richmond Hill Commercial Garage Doors

    Garage doors have evolved with the architectural planning of independent houses and multi-facility buildings. With time, their cosmetic variations have outnumbered the stock of yesteryears. However, attention of their exteriors hasn’t really disturbed the focus on the utilitarian aspect of the units.

    Three-folds or tow-folds, wooden or steel, the commercial garage doors each is an exception. With the assortments flooding the market, buyers now have many more choices as compared to what they had even half a decade back. Take a brief look at the most popular options sold in the market at this moment.


    Faux Door Overlays Richmond Hill Commercial Garage Doors

    These are the commonest of the lot, not to be undermined though. The doors are engineered with energy-efficient steel bases that are fully insulated. For aesthetic paneling, they clad up the basing with faux wood. The composite structure has an authentic look and the swing-out feature makes inward and upward operation convenient.


    Composite Doors

    These are practical garage doors for those who rate utility over cosmetics. However, they are not aesthetically disappointing, as one would surmise from that. They look exactly like wooden doors, but are not really so. The only thing about these doors that come from a tree is the wood grain overlay, and that is essentially for the texture. Low maintenance, these are built with multiple layers of galvanized steel that are insulated and overlaid with the wooden texturing.


    Classic Flush Panel Doors

    A combination of long and short, these ones have flush panels and steel build. They are strong durable, and definitely stylish for buildings of modern décor. They are also very comfortable to open and close and hence, even at a low price, these doors make a good bargain.


    Glass and Aluminum Doors

    Contemporary again, the combination of glass and aluminum is rare and novel at this point. The assemblage gives out a glow of warmth and a mellifluous blend with its background. The glass slights of the doors let in the natural light. Even the tinting can control the measure of light you wish to permeate. The panels are available in their natural silver shade as well as a range of many other colors.


    Handcrafted Classic Wooden Recessed Doors

    These are undoubtedly the most expensive on the list, but are also the best to find. Made from oak, hemlock and other varieties of wood that are both durable and beautiful, the rich nude texture and shade of wood classes it up. The recessed and embossed woodwork add finesse to the final product.


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