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Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair


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    Commercial Overhead Doors in Thornhill

    Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair has been providing businesses in Thornhill with high-functioning, durable overhead doors for more than 20 years. We carry quality products by Clopay that are guaranteed to work as hard as your business and our doors are installed by garage door professionals that are expertly trained to deliver on the Thornhill Garage Door Repair promise of fast, efficient and expert customer service.

    Our Commercial Overhead Door Services Include: Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair

    • Overhead Garage Doors
    • Garage Door Replacement
    • Garage Door Installation
    • Garage Door Repair
    • Rolling Steel Doors
    • Roll Up Garage Doors
    • Electric Garage Door Openers (Repair & Installation)
    • Store Front Commercial Doors
    • Security Shutters


    Full Service Commercial Garage Door Installation

    What sets us apart from our competitors is that, when we install anything related to your commercial garage door including a garage door opener, we always install complete units. A complete unit is one that is assembled at the factory instead of on site. Complete units tend to last longer than units that require on-site assembly.


    Contact Us Today

    We offer quality products and provide stellar customer service. In fact, Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions and concerns. Contact us today to find out more about commercial garage door installation, service and repair for your business.


    Commercial Spring And Cable Repair

    Your garage door is exposed to the fluctuating weather conditions, as well as frequent openings and closings. Thus, massive failures and breakdowns are only a matter of time, the most common requiring expert Garage Door Spring Repair. When damage occurs, you have to be prepared and ready to call a reliable Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair company to respond swiftly and get the job done right, no matter the circumstances. What parts of your door do you anticipate to fail more often?

    Garage Door Spring Repair

    One of the most common garage door repairs are torn or broken springs. As nothing lasts forever, every door spring will eventually breakdown. After so many openings and closings, this is inevitable. This is why, at least once a year, you should get your garage door inspected by a professional technician.

    Did you know that garage door springs tend to weaken over time? And that weak springs equals a heavy door. And a heavy door overtime will damage your garage door opener!


    GARAGE PRO TIP: How can you tell if your door is too heavy and your garage door springs are weak? Using your garage door opener, open your garage door. Disengage the door from the opener (it’s usually a string with a handle hanging from your garage door opener). If the door falls to the closed position on its own, it’s too heavy. If the door falls to the closed position really fast you need to have your garage door springs serviced by a professional before it damages your garage door opener, CALL US TODAY!

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    What do you have to know about it? Damaged or broken garage door cables can compromise the safety of your family and home belongings, especially at night. Once it’s damaged, your door will simply not close well, posing a hazardous threat for yourself and your loved ones. A garage door with faulty springs and cables may recoil without warning, and may seriously damage your car. To avoid this, have your garage cables checked every year by an experienced garage door contractor.

    Garage Door Track Repair

    Another possible problem is bent or out of alignment garage door tracks. This part of the opening mechanism plays a crucial role in its smooth functioning. When it gets out of alignment, trained and experienced technicians must come immediately to repair your garage door, by replacing the damaged or faulty parts and inspecting your entire overhead door system.

    Garage Door Safety Sensor Repair

    When properly installed and maintained, garage door safety sensors provide safety and security to your household. Why? Because they help prevent Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair gerous injuries and traumas. The safety sensors help your garage door stop at its current position when something (or someone) is underneath your garage door. In general, they work in pairs and they are placed on both sides of your garage door.


    1. We install high-quality Thornhill Code Approved Garage Doors and garage door openers.
    2. We take down and dispose of your old door (if needed)
    3. We service any make and model of residential garage door/opener that you have
    4. We make sure that your door is storm-ready for Ontario weather
    5. You can choose from a wide variety of residential garage doors (e.g. colors, designs, strong steel doors, meticulously handcrafted natural wood doors sure to bring beauty and value to your home)


    At Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair, our mission is to bring provide the highest quality Garage Door Repair Services combined with the highest quality products to Thornhill.


    Garage Door 24 Hour Emergency ServicesThornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair

    We have combined experience of over 20 years, we are well-prepared to exceed your expectations, whether you need help with a:

    • Garage door replacement and/or installation
    • Emergency garage door repair (offered 24/7)
    • Garage door spring repair
    • Garage door opener replacement
    • Commercial garage door services
    • Just about anything else garage door related…

    We have the experience to ensure your satisfaction, regardless of the nature of the job and are always eager to work with new customers.

    Learn more about our garage door services:

    Garage Door Installation

    You can count on us to provide you with a timely and professional service for the installation of all kinds of garage doors. We are well-equipped and highly qualified to meet all of your demands, and are sure to impress you with the quality of our work. Hire us, and allow our team of professionals to take care of your overhead door project.


    Garage Door Repair

    Thornhill Commercial Garage Door Repair can replace entire sections of your garage door, adjust the position of your door or track, replace pulleys, garage door spring repair, and other garage door systems, including your garage door opener, belt or chain.

    Regardless of how complicated the project may be, you can be confident that we’re there to help you with any issues, big or small. Learn more about our garage door repair services.


    Garage Door Opener Replacement, Repair and Maintenance

    We are experts when it comes to garage door opener replacement, repair or general maintenance of your garage door opener or garage door. We also do garage door spring repair, and are well-equipped to adjust your door’s limits and tension.


    Garage Door Maintenance

    Garage doors are constantly working, while also being the main entrance to the homes of many Ontario homeowners. Because of this constant use and being an important entrance to many homes, it’s critical to have your garage door maintained and inspected annually. Breaking garage door parts or not having your overhead garage door open when you need to leave can be a stressful situation that can be avoided with regular garage door maintenance.


    24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

    Just incase the unexpected happens and your have an issue with your garage door that needs immediate attention we’re here to quickly help you with garage doors that won’t open or close, garage doors that are broken, garage door openers that broke or any other issue you’re having with your garage door.


    Call 647-866-0956 for Emergency Garage Door Services & Repairs