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    Toronto Filing Cabinet Replacement

    Filing cabinets are furniture that is used to store and also organize the documents in your homes and business. Some of these cabinets are equipped with the locks that can help you to keep documents secure, and also include a plunger-type locking mechanisms. Quite often, you have to replace the locks in order to prevent unauthorized access in the office setting. Luckily, it is easy for you to replace your filling cabinet lock. Here are some great tips for you


    Step 1

    The first step is that you should open your cabinet drawer that is closet to the lock. If you do not have a key, and your cabinet is locked, do not worry because you have several options. Some of  Toronto Filing Cabinet Replacementthese locks are gravity-based, so you can open the drawer by turning the cabinet upside down. If it does not work, you can drive a regular drill bit straight through the cylinder of the lock. It should be done carefully in order to avoid damage to your cabinet itself. Once you have drilled the lock, the drawer should pull open easily.


    Step 2

    Then you have to grasp the C-shaped clip at the back of the lock with the pliers. One if you have removed the clip, you have to be able to slide the lock out of the opening.


    Step 3

    Then you need to install your lock. The specific instruction may vary, but the common procedures are as follows. Place your key in the lock and unsure that it is in the unlocked position. Insert a new lock into the opening and be sure that the key way is upright and the cam is pointing down.


    Step 4

    After that you have to hold the C-clip flush against the inside wall of your cabinet. Insert the two prongs on the clip into the pre-drilled holes on the lock body in order to secure it in the place.


    Step 5

    And the last thing that should be done is that you have to make sure the lock bolt on the back of the lock aligns properly with the locking mechanism in your cabinet. You can use your key in order to test the lock before closing the drawer.


    Then it is important for you to find a great wood file cabinets that are suitable with your needs! 647-866-0956


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