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Waterloo Residential Doors, Deciding which doors look best in your house can be a challenging proposition. With so many options and styles available, today’s homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed. Taking some time to look at the various choices available will make it easier to choose doors that complement the style of your house.

Traditional Hinged Doors

These doors are the typical ones found in homes. They are relatively inexpensive, do not require much hardware or wall alteration and can easily be painted to match the decor. There are solid wood hinged doors, as well as, hollow ones.

Solid wood tend to be more durable, although heavier and more expensive than their hollow counterparts. Hinged interior doors also come as flat panels and raised. Older homes tend to have wooden doors with raised panels, while homes from the mid- to late- twentieth century are often found with flat panels. Raised panels look more elegant than flat panels, so consider the look that is trying to be achieved in the decor. Another thing to consider with traditional hinged doors is that they take up a lot of space when swinging open. Smaller rooms may do better with an alternative type to help preserve room space.

Pocket Doors

These are doors that slide into and out of the wall. They are generally made of wood and have little ornamentation as they are required to roll into a tight wall opening. Pocket doors create a more seamless look than traditional hinged doors and also preserve a lot space. Modern interior decor would do well with the look and feel of a pocket door in the room.

Bi-Fold Doors

Folding doors are traditionally used on closets and pantries. They come in louvered styles, as well as, flat panels. Each door is hinged in the middle, so that when the door is opened it folds in against itself before folding next to the wall.

Folding doors require track installation, so keep that in mind when deciding if the look is right for your home. Some homeowners prefer a more streamlined door than a folding door can provide. Although folding doors are attractive, if they are not properly installed they may tend to jump their tracks, which can outweigh their relative beauty.

Bypass Doors

Bypass doors are similar to sliding doors. They are hung on tracks usually in pairs. Bypass doors are most often used for closets and where space is at a premium. Solid wood, hollow panels and even mirrored glass bypass doors are available. Choosing the look that will best suit the room depends on the room’s decor.

Although attractive, these doors do have a significant drawback. Since one side of the closet or space is always blocked by the doors, homeowners cannot have full access at any time. This can be particularly troublesome when placing large items into the closet and must be considered when choosing interior bypass doors.

Figuring out which doors look best in your house is ultimately going to be a matter of personal preference.

Those with modern decors will prefer doors that are streamlined and smooth. Traditional decor may be better accented with raised paneled hinged doors. It is all a matter of personal choice, but knowing the options will make the decision making process easier.


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