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Whitby Commercial Automatic Doors

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Whitby Commercial Automatic Doors

Investing in Automatic Doors Is an Investment in the Security of Your Business Premises  Whitby Commercial Automatic Doors

Investing in good quality, strong and secure doors is not just a necessity for your building. It is a security, and a safety issue, and is therefore an important decision. For many commercial and industrial premises, the correct doors are needed to ensure easy loading and unloading of goods, and of course, the building must be safe and secure at all times. Doors are also needed to ensure customers and staff can safely and easily enter your premises. Many businesses choose automatic doors.

Working with professional suppliers of commercial doors is the answer. Each business will have different requirements, and will need doors which meet their specific requirements. For example, retail spaces will need doors which are easy for customers to use, and yet remain strong and secure when the store is closed. Many retail establishments choose automatic doors so that entering the store is easy for customers. The best suppliers are able to supply and fit custom made automatic doors suited to a client’s specifications. They are also able to service the doors, and the best suppliers offer automatic door repair too.


Automatic doors are an excellent investment for the following reasons:

They are the best way to accommodate disabled customers, or customers who are laden with bags, trollies or small children. That is why so many large stores like supermarkets, malls and big retail outlets invest in automatic doors. They want to make entering, and then leaving the store laden with goods, as easy as possible. It is also an essential aspect for compliance with the Disability Discrimination regulations which require public access to be appropriate for disabled users.


Automatic doors are reliable, robust and long-lasting.

It is a myth that because they are powered by electricity that they may not be as reliable as ordinary doors. A professional supplier will help clients choose doors with safety mechanisms, secure locking features, alarms, and they will also provide regular servicing as part of an on-going contract.


Security is an important consideration.

Even full glass automatic doors are extremely strong and secure, and can be locked when the building is closed. Many options are available to control access into a building via automatic doors. This can range from red-infra sensors which detect when someone is approaching and then automatically open, to more sophisticated entry systems.


Because automatic doors are excellent when there is a high volume of traffic, a company can control the levels of access. For companies with many people coming and going throughout opening hours, the doors can be made to open and close smoothly and quickly. For office buildings and premises where entry needs to be controlled, automatic doors with electronic readers can be used to grant access to authorised visitors and personnel, or doors can be made very secure with entry code systems, and even state of the art thumb-print or eye-scan entry. These method shave all been used, and are particularly popular for restricted access areas, offices, hotels, and even leisure facilities or organisations with member access.


If you have a commercial premises and are looking for a modern, robust and effective door solution, identify a reputable supplier who has the experience and knowledge in supplying commercial and industrial doors. They will work with you to identify your requirements and supply you with the perfect doors, fitting your exact specifications. Your doors will meet your needs and the needs of your staff and customers.


The best supplier will be able to provide the full service for you, including ongoing maintenance, repairs and servicing. 647-951-3510


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